Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Announcing a Lilla Rose Party // Sale & Giveaway!

Lilla Rose Party Banner for Blog
Hi all! I'm quite excited to bring to you something fun this fine Wednesday! As you know, we girls have been big fans of the Flexi clip by Lilla Rose even before we raved about our first order back in December. Seeing how wonderful each hair style you put up can get even better with any item by LR, will get you excited too! But wouldn't you get even more enthralled if you got a chance to choose one of your choice; free of charge? We would too! So read on to find out what you need to do to enter the giveaway! Plus you can find the party link for the Sale down below as well!

So girls, to enter the giveaway I will need you to comment below, by answering the question that is left at the bottom of this post. And that's it! Your name will then be put in the hat!

Now, this Party was originally strictly an Instargram party I was going to host via our Blog's account. But our kind hostess gave me the idea to spread the word over our Blog's actual page as well. She also was fabulous enough to let you blog readers enter via a comment here on the Blog instead of having to comment on one of the IG posts that we will be posting Friday, since I know not everyone has an Instagram account that would have liked to enter. How nice was that? I want you all to go have a look at her blog and, maybe leave her some comments of admeration for her help in making this giveaway possible! I'm sure even a "Thanks so much" would bring a smile to her face! :) You can find her blog here: Nursery of the Nation.
In addition to the free Flexi, we are also providing you with a special Party Link, once you order your three items (make sure you order them through the link given below only) shoot an e-mail to and let Mrs. Moore know what item you would like sent to you FREE of charge; cost value up to $16! So if you have had your eye on a few pieces, now is the time to get your orders in! Click through this link to shop and get your buy 3 get 1 free Lilla Rose coupon today!

Have you never heard of Lilla Rose before? Aren’t sure of what size to choose? What type of hair styles can the clip be used for? Well then dears, Lilla Rose has supplied videos to answer all those questions, which you can check out here.

LR Party Banner Teaser
We Have included this banner above, to show you what some our favorites are right now! So make sure to consider these! We think they are the height loveliness! Click on these links to directly view the product that strikes your fancy! // Classic Etched Cross // Star of David // Cameo Appearance //
Make sure to place your orders ASAP as the link above will be closed by Saturday evening! The FREE Flexi Clip doorprize will feature an item of your style and size up to $16 in value! So get to commenting to get your name in the hat! :)

What is your favorite Lilla Rose item?
Your favorite Flexi?

Love and blessings,
for the Shag Girls


  1. How exciting! I've always wanted to give Lilla Rose's flexi clip a try! My favorite item is definitely the flexi clip and I love their celtic knot and cameo designs:)

  2. My favorite item is the flexi clip and I love the "music lover" one since I'm a violinist! Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. I like a lot of them, but my favorites would probably be the Cameo Appearance and the Tiara Crystal flexi clips.

  4. My favorite item is definitely the flexi clip and my favorite? Oh dear, probably the music lover, since I am one! ~ Then again I do love the Celtic knot. Either one of those would be a favorite, but if I had to choose, the music lover would come first!

  5. Thanks for hosting this giveaway girls! :)
    The only Lilla Rose thing I have is an extra small (?) flexi that is beautiful, but sadly slips out of my fine hair - I probably need a bigger one for bigger hairdos. However, the fexi clip is my favorite item, and out of those my favorite is the pretty "Turquoise Tranquility" in medium and large. :)

  6. Hi Calico sisters!
    Love the flexi pin :) My favorite is the cameo appearance - it is great for pulling part of my hair back so it doesn't hang in my face and the sparkles make me smile :)
    Emily :) ~Psalm 63

  7. This is so fun! I really like the Flexi Clip as it can be used for buns(which I wear ALL the time)! My favorites are "Scrollwork Heart", "Music Lover", "Fluttering Hummingbird", "Celtic Cross", "Classic Etched Cross", and "Star of David" in short I love almost them all!


  8. Hello Ladies,
    I'd have to say my favorite is the one that was gifted to me by you. It is a round filigree with blue and teal beads. So pretty and matches my favorite colors that I frequently wear. However, after taking a gander at the website, I have to say the soaring butterfly and the prominent dragonfly flexi clips are beautiful and I could definitely see myself wearing them on a frequent basis. Here is a small secret about me that most people never notice... I am usually always wearing a butterfly somewhere on my person. :)
    Thank you ladies for first being Ladies and for the fun posts.
    Shannon :)


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