Sunday, March 8, 2015

Outfit // Root Pretty (Review)

RR 1st pic
Hey friends! Boy, have I missed you all this week! As Bek explained in her Photo a Day post, we have had some behind the scenes issues over here on the blog. But all should be well soon which will get our schedule back together! Yay! But anyhow, I have an outfit and a fun review for y'all today so lets get to it!

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RR pic 1
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First off, I assembled this outfit to attend a surprise birthday party for our Grandfather a couple weeks ago. I went with a nice crisp vintage vibe by tucking in my undershirt & ruffled pink tank into my skirt (this also adds a lot of warmth girls!) then I through on my favorite chambray cotton button-up and tied it in a low knot. I then slipped into my newly found Marrell flats, tied on a triangle headscarf in a neat way and I was off! That is, besides grabbing my new favorite lip balm that just so happened to match hues of pinks I had going. And that's just what the review is of....

Root Pretty is a newer (as of October 2013) independent, natural, organic, & vegan beauty and makeup store! I was first introduced to their products on Instagram. After following their account, and reading many grand reviews of their products, I decided to try out a few of their samples myself. Right around the time I was getting my order together, the store's founder sent out a special post saying that followers who "liked" their Facebook page would receive a free Pretty Balm (regular price is $8) in their choice of color! She didn't have to ask me twice! I selected the color Merlot and oh, do I like this stuff! Isn't it just the best to get free stuff in the mail that is right up your alley?
RR pic 6
RR collage
I love this stuff because it actually stays on more like a lipstick than just the tinted balm that it is. The color is actually a bit darker then the picture collage above shows. I love the mixture of red/pink so much! I have never had anything quite like it before! Root also has really great prices for how pure their products are and I will definitely be getting another tube once this once runs out! Make sure to go take a look at their website asap!

RR pic 8
RR pic 3
Shoes- Marrell's thrifted, $1 // Slip & skirt- me made // Pink Button-up- Loft: thrifted, $1 // Longsleeve- Talbots: Goodwill, $4 // Pin- vintage: borrowed from Mom // Headscarf- handmade: thrifted, $1

Life lately has been super busy around the Shag house. We have begun watching two of our little cousins every week day (you may have seen them in this week's Photo a Day). We are involved in helping out with three weddings (one in two weeks and two in the beginning of June), of which I am helping to alter two of the three wedding dresses! *big grin* We have Tulip Time just around the corner which gets Mom busy with weekly meetings and us busy with Dutch Heritage Show practices. I was offered two more part-time jobs on top of still working with the Cleaning Business- one is helping out (as a piecework seamstress) with a new clothing line that is being started up by a friend-of-a-friend, the other is being a nanny for a flock of little boys (four under the age of 6) for some neighbors. Our kitchen is finally back on our builder Dad's schedule in two weeks which is great, but also entails much work of getting that area cleared back out of living essentials. Then you throw in the daily hum-drum of life and you get a pretty productive/busy life! I then remind myself of something that I thought up about blogging; our Blog is not our life, our life is our Blog, meaning, we blog about our lives we don't blog to live. Too easy and true, but at times I can feel quite down in the dumps if I don't get that post published or we don't do that photo-shoot done. Hey. its. okay! Lets do our best to get things done in "priority order" instead of "what I want done" order.  *I said to myself* Haha!

Have you ever heard of or tried Root Pretty before?
How busy are you right now?
How do you best keep you priorities in order?

Pray all is well with you,
the elder writer & sister 


  1. You're so pretty, Cassie! You know the actress Ann Rutherford? I think you look so much like her. :-)

    1. Hi Naomi dear! You are just soo sweet! Thank you so much for your kind words! :)

      I can see what you mean about me looking something like Ann Rutherford! Haha! No one has ever said that before! But I'm glad you did! ;)

      the elder one

  2. Pretty outfit Cassie! :) I also like the tinted balm you picked out; it looks like a lovely color. This is a random question, but may I ask what kind of mascara you use?
    It sounds like you're keeping very busy! They're good things to be busy with though. I haven't been as busy as at some times, but with the rehearsal / wedding I'm in at the end of this week and starting a new babysitting job next week that will be changing. :)

    1. Hi Paige! Oh, thank you so much!

      I tend to use Cover Girl's Lash Blast Volume (it's in an orange tube) more often than not, but other than that I will use Organic Wear (Physician's Formula) FakeOut (this one in in a bright pink tube).

      Ask away if you have any other questions dear! I will be happy to answer! :)

      How exciting that you are to be in a wedding!! Make sure to share the day on your blog! Or at least your dress and hair do! ;)

      the elder writer

    2. Okay, thank you! :D
      Yes, I shall indeed!

  3. Your outfit is so lovely Cassie! And that lip balm sounds nice, I may have to try it out.
    It sounds like you all are BUSY BEES! I hope your week is a nice one, and the Lord will bless you in it.


    the Middle Sister and Singer

    1. Hi dear! Thanks so much! ;) Yes, you really must! I know that you would love it as much as I!

      Thank you too, for your kind and sweet words of blessing for our week. It was just nice to hear from you. :)

      Fondly as ever,
      the elder sister & writer

  4. I have never tried Root Pretty, but that lip balm looks like a beautiful shade! My life has been pretty busy. There always seems to be something to do. I try to keep my priorities in order by just keeping God first.
    Have you seen that demonstration with a jar, rocks, and sand? The jar represents your life, the rocks represent time spent with the Lord, and sand is all the other things you need to do (or think you need to do.)
    If you put the sand in the jar first, You'll never fit the larger rocks in on top. If you are sure to always put the rocks in first, when you add the sand it fits around the rocks. I hope I explained that well enough. It's pretty cool to see. :)

  5. Hello Cassie,
    I have an idea that I wanted to mention to you! If you could email me:, that would be wonderful! I'm looking forward to hearing from you. =)


  6. Looking as cute as a cherry! I love that lipcolor on you! Blessings!


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