Friday, March 6, 2015

Photo a Day || March || Weeks 8 and 9!

Hi everyone! If you follow our blog's Instagram, then you are already aware of our current technical difficulties, our "new" (Pretty new to us anyway!) laptop screen was accidentally...ruined. The computer is still okay, but we can not view anything on the screen. Hence, I am trying the Blogger smart phone app! We'll see what happens- I'm hoping it works better than my initial opinion of its quality allows. 
Last Tuesday: we have started babysitting some of our youngest cousins again, we babysat them when Bella (in photo above) was a baby.
Last Tuesday: There were coon and cat tracks on the back porch, circling the chicken scraps bucket!
Last Wednesday: there's nothing like going thrift shopping and seeing your old stuff for sale! :-D This jogging stroller was ours, we finally decided to give it away after storing it, unused, for several years. :-)
Last Thursday: we helped a family friend move- homeschooler vans are useful for this endeavor! The apartment we were moving belongings from was up 2 flights of stairs, and Peter had fun tossing snow down on the little girls! :-/ ;-P :-)
Last Friday: we traveled to Elgin, Illinois to attend the "Cat's Pajamas" vintage clothing show/sale! I just had to take a picture when we passed the Gary Indiana sign on the highway! Also, we stopped at Lighthouse Premium Outlets on the way so Mom could buy some Pyrex merchandise! ;-]
Saturday: another day at the vintage cloths sale before heading homewards!
Sunday: one of our ducks (my favorite) died over the weekend, we've had a harsh winter thus far and his old bones just couldn't take the cold I guess. These are some tracks he made a few days before when he visited the backyard... ;-(
     Monday: Peter and Gigi! :-) He's quite the multi-tasker!
Tuesday: here is most of our fabric! :-D The shelves are a bit bent! :-P   :-)
    Wednesday: a peaceful scene...
Thursday: our church group had a Purim party! (Purim is about remembering the circumstances from the story of Esther.) The Youth Circle wrote a review of the book and the kids acted it out using felt people! We decorated cookies- the Realtree deer symbol one was my favorite!
   Today: the icy morning...
Well folks, I'm afraid this post is rather poor quality... I assure you it wouldn't be that way if it were at all possible for me to download the photos onto our poor, rumpled blogging laptop! But, it wasn't possible. The Blogger app worked okay, but there wasn't a way to correctly resize the photos or add captions. Anyway, I will try my best to get to bring photo-a-day to you again next week, until then, farewell my faithful patrons!

 Have you ever had major technical difficulties??
Do you babysit children?
How's the weather near you?

~~the mobile blogger~~


  1. That vintage clothing sale looks amazing! I'd love to go to something like that. Were the prices pretty good?

    1. The prices ranged from dresses that cost several hundred dollars to dresses that we could actually afford- $10 to $20 dollars apiece! Thanks for commenting Bethany!


  2. I love seeing "behind-the-scenes" photos! So much fun!
    I have indeed had major technical difficulties. My table, which I formerly did 95% of everything on took a dive off of the ironing board and cracked its screen. So now, it only works with a mouse, and even then it goes bananas at times. I can absolutely relate! Now I am relegated to the "big" computer, but it's really so much more inconvenient!
    The weather here? C.O.L.D. But I'm hoping for warmer weather Sunday afternoon, as that's when we need to take some outfit pictures!

    1. That's too bad about your tablet! Yes, smaller devices are definitely more efficient to blog on! Thanks for commenting Esther!


  3. Long comments are fine and even looked forward to- you're quite all right! :-) Yes, we did actually buy quite a few clothing items at the sale! And they were all great deals! How exciting to get to visit another country! It's interesting to hear about a church celebrating Purim! We celebrated much the same except we also had a hummus-making contest! ;-D I dressed up as Jael from the Bible story of the woman who killed an enemy of Israel with a tent stake! Haha! (I wanted to be original!) We also had a girl who dressed as the water turning into wine; Bael's donkey; and Rahab, plus many other fun characters! No, I had never heard of the Bridges for Peace organization! I'll have to look it up!
    Thank you for commenting Abby!


  4. Argh. Technical difficulties are so frustrating!!!! I haven't run into any lately (knock on wood). Sometimes if I'm out and about I'll have to post from the mobile blogger app. I much prefer blogging from a computer!
    The weather where I am is warming up! A high of 61 was predicted today, though we didn't quite reach it.


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