Sunday, March 15, 2015

Photo a Day || March || Week 10

 And once again- I'm late! What prohibited me from posting on schedule this week was a crowd of 350 women- no joke! Haha! My Mom, Cassie, and I attended the first night of a ladies conference hosted at Cassie's boss' church Friday... night. So I actually could've posted it before but I was at the library where my Mom fills in (And used to work full time) moving books! Let's just say life happened and the post... didn't. Until now!
Saturday: dance class!
P A D pic
Sunday: the pump was frozen for almost 2 weeks so I had to fill all of my buckets in the house every morning! It took 3+ minutes to fill this 3 gallon one- and I had to fill at least 2 to have enough water for all the animals! Not fun! Thankfully the pump thawed out yesterday morning!!
Monday: some of the ladies at the thrift shop where we volunteer!
Sunset road pic.
Tuesday: just driving! :-)

Wednesday: we brought cookies to some friends that had to go on a spur-of-the-moment road trip [to attend a funeral] when we went to pick up their dog. :-(

Thursday: 4 of our cousins came over! Braxton and I decided to go on a walk with Bella and Lilo!

Friday: we volunteered to move books at the local library which is being remodeled! ;-) Bella was a big (Little!) helper!
Guess what everyone! Our. kitchen. is. finally. getting. done!!! Today we are packing everything up from the large kitchen/living room area so that the floor can be sanded and refinished this weekend! It is sooooooooo exciting! We'll have cabinets! We'll have shelves! We'll have painted walls! We'll have light fixtures instead of bare lightbulbs! We'll have a floor that doesn't resemble a *shuffleboard court! (*We bought an old gym floor for the kitchen so the lines are spread randomly about.) Also tonight a friend (that we are helping with her wedding this Thursday) is coming over for a wedding dress fitting! (Cassie is adjusting a few things for her.) This will definitely be a week to say the least! Tulip Time is creeping up on us and Dutch Heritage Show rehearsals are beginning next week! Spring has sprung I think! Busy busy busy! ;-)

Have a grand (warm!) day!

What is the busiest time of the week/year for you?
Have you ever lived in a construction zone?
Where do you volunteer?

~~the younger sister~~


  1. This looks like a fun week! :D What kind of dance class is that?
    It's neat that you volunteer at the library. I volunteer at the Pregnancy Care Center. I used to be a dog-walker at the local humane society, but then life got a little busy. ;)

    1. Every other week after church we have an Israeli Dance class- our teacher also knows lots of other styles of dance too, so those are sometimes integrated into the worship dances!


  2. Things have been picking up around here as well! How exciting for your house to finally be getting finished! I pray that your family will be able to get through this busy time full of joy and thankfulness to the Lord.

    the Middle Sister and Singer

  3. Sounds like a busy, but fun, week!
    I love that picture of the bucket in the sink! And yes, been there, done that. ;)

  4. Oh, and this is the busiest time of the year for me - lambing season! :D
    My mom and dad's house was remodeled once, so yes to living in a construction zone.
    And, as I think you already know, I volunteer at Open Arms Pregnancy Care Center and Real Choices Clinic. Which I love!

  5. I, too, have to water my animals in the house.:)


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