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Magazine Monday // LIFE, October 27, 1941

Hi there! Here I am with another Magazine Monday to share! And after a great deal of thought, I finally decided upon sharing a 1940's LIFE edition with you. Since being away from this beloved era so long, it was quite a delight when I peeled open the pages of this worn piece. The phrase "absence makes the heart grow fonder" comes to mind.

Magazine Monday // LIFE, October 27, 1941
I have a stack of LIFE magazines beginning with this one (from '41) through the year of '56. Though there are quite a large amount of fascinating articles in their pages, one does have to be on the lookout for the occasional "modern painting" photo or a scantily clad model. Yes, there were a few even back in the forties. Haha! And tell me, why is it that every simply adorable colored ad has to be for either cigarettes or tobacco?! I know no one knew how bad they were for your health as much as they do now, yet still!

But on the other hand, holding a news piece that held the latest talk of that profound decade is so wonderful! As we imagine the Home Front ladies I can now see one getting the latest news of her heroes across the great ponds who held their ground and fought for each of us who roam these very hills and fields today, through even such a magazine.
Magazine Monday // LIFE, October 27, 1941

Magazine Monday // LIFE, October 27, 1941

Magazine Monday // LIFE, October 27, 1941Magazine Monday // LIFE, October 27, 1941
Now you can see for yourself what I mean by latest news. It is sobering yet amazing to see the word Nazi in such a title or even a picture of Hitler himself in this magazine. It truly makes your thoughts soar with wonder at whoever once owned this copy, what they sacrificed, why they kept the issue. I suppose it makes it feel all the more fresh and evident to me.

I of course had to throw in a few ads of the day! Just wait till you see the one of Gene Autry or that of the General Electric radio! The one by Goodrich for ladies boots is quite epic as well!
Magazine Monday // LIFE, October 27, 1941


Magazine Monday // LIFE, October 27, 1941
Okay! That's all folks! I tried to keep things at a minimum this time as I think I tend to overload you with too many pages at once. Haha! I hope what I shared was of interest to you- that you enjoyed this peek at my homeland's history of honor and bravery.

Do you own any vintage LIFE magazines?
How many pages is a good number for me to share?


the elder sister & writer 


  1. How strange it must be to so many years later look at a magazine that someone who lived through those times read, and to imagine who they were! WWII was an especially interesting time.
    The ads are fun! Boots to go over all of your shoes? How handy is that! :)
    As you saw on my blog, I own three LIFE mags. Who knows, there might be more some day. ;)
    This number, perhaps plus a couple more seems like a good amount of pages. :)

  2. Thank you so much for sharing Cassie! I too love the illustrations they had in these old magazines. How unfortunate that most of them had to do with smoking! :( But that illustration of the Lockhead planes looks positively fantastic and awe-inspiring!

    the Middle Sister and Singer


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