Friday, April 17, 2015

Photo a Day || April || Week 15

 Hi there folks! Are you ready to see our week? It actually didn't seem too interesting to me, but I'll let you decide!
Photo a Day // April // Week 15
Last Friday: we had our cousins and aunt over to share in our second grill-out this spring! Unfortunately, it was already dark out and Dad grilled the meat up so fast that I didn't have a chance to get out there and take any pictures! So you'll have to settle for this picture of us "chilling" after gorging ourselves on hotdogs, chicken salad, and garlic cauliflower! Also... in this picture you get the pleasure of seeing us in our natural habitat. Which was quite dirty and in need of a straightening! Haha! Notice the baby car seat, quilt rack, laundry basket, and exercise ball thrown gracefully behind the couch. ;-P

Saturday: we fellow-shipped practically all day long starting with church from 10:30 to 5:00, and ending with a family-style bonfire lasting from 7:30 to 1:00 AM! It was fun to say the least, and we enjoyed getting to know some of our friends even better!
Sunday: had to give poor little Pippin a bath! Haha! He looks quite humorous and pathetic! After a while he got used to the water though... Also, I took my younger (than me anyway) cousins on a picnic to the bridge down the road. We took lots of pictures but alas! They are still on my Dad's phone and were not retrieved in time to make it on this post!

Photo a Day // April // Week 15
Monday: one of the beautiful Michigan sunsets we've been having lately!
Tuesday: Havah had a mani-pedi! Haha! AKA she had her hooves trimmed by the lovely Josie Buniek who was just getting back into the swing of things after having baby Jack! Funny story...Havah's hooves grow extremely slow, so we hadn't been in contact with our farrier for quite some time. When we decided it was time for her to come back again, we texted her and she was on the way to the hospital to have her baby! Haha! Talk about bad timing on our part!

Photo a Day // April // Week 15
Wednesday: 2 of the boys Cassie is nannying a few days a week.

Photo a Day // April // Week 15
Thursday: Bella and Emma watching the propane truck out of the kitchen window.
Photo a day Week 15, 2015.

This week flew by so fast! We had two of our younger cousins over every day this week, and I have been slowly training a new choring partner- Bella! She looks forward to helping me feed the ducks and chickens every morning, collecting eggs, and brushing Havah! Not to mention riding! Tuesday morning she got on the horse tentatively, (after being too afraid to even pet her for the last week!) only because we bribed her and promised we wouldn't let Havah move at all. Now she begs me all day long to "Go ride de horsey"!    :-D    Who knows- maybe she'll be a cowgirl yet! Haha!
Well folks, it's time for me to get back to work I am in the middle of sorting through my cloths! Lots to keep and lots to give away!

Do you ever go on a get-rid-of-cloths-spree?
Do you know why hamburgers are actually called hamburgers?
Do you have a 'Why I' question for me?



  1. Awww! That kitty-so cute!
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  2. I didn't even see your "junk" behind the couch! Awesome pics! :) I've always wondered why hamburgers are called 'ham'burgers, too!


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