Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Why I || Am Anti-Abortion Not Pro-"Life"

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Hey folks! I truly hope this post goes over better than my last "Why I" post, that certainly did not get the response I was hoping for! I'm afraid my sarcasm in titling the post may have been a bit much for I assume most of you took it as if I truly do think being 'gay' is 'okay', as in, not a sin, which was not my intention whatsoever! I did take the liberty of choosing a, once again controversial, topic for today's blog. Please do not misunderstand my opinion based on the title alone, for I most certainly am Pro-Life in the sense that you all think of it as! But recent *discussions (*id est, all-out tooth-and-nail debates!) with some staunch Pro-Choice Liberals via Instagram have led me to the decision that I must label myself from this time forward (At the very least while conversing with anti-Pro-Lifers!) an Anti-Abortionist rather than the widely used term, Pro-Life. Read on to find out why a simple exchange of words, that we consider to have the same meaning, sparked a lively exchange that could have been easily avoided with a correct use of vocabulary!

 I will begin by giving you the Google definition of Pro-Life: a simple adjective meaning "opposing abortion and euthanasia". A straight-forward answer from anyone's perspective, I would have thought before my recent enlightenment!

Not to be snarky, but apparently Liberals/Democrats/Feminists, pretty much anyone Pro-*Choice (*For the Mother anyway!), are feeling the pressure and can no longer linger in the Abortion debating arena too long without losing stamina and changing the subject with the help of some tricky word-picking-apart. For once I bring up my main anti-abortion points, they instantly revert to saying I must be anti-women's rights, think that Republicans are the perfect politicians, and that I live in the stone age, which is sounding better and better all the time! Their newest stratagem though is to state that since I am pro-life for babies, I must be pro-life for all humans... The attentive reader may have already picked up on where I am headed with this, but for those of you who tend toward being slightly more abstracted, I will spell it out for you. When we say,"I am pro-LIFE" to a pro-abortionist person, what they allegedly hear is,"I do not want anyone to be killed". Yes, they are now attempting to equate being pro-life with being a pacifist. Now. I am certainly not prepared to attempt a statement aimed at why I am not a pacifist, and I certainly will not say anything to that particular topic here except that I think they are a well-meaning, even if  mis-guided, bunch of folks who are doing what they think pleases God! That being said, I, am not a pacifist. Also, I believe that some crimes should be punishable by death. What crimes and why is something I will not go into at this time because this is neither the time nor the place and I am neither qualified or am in possession of the knowledge or surety of my opinion to do so. The reasons I am not completely sure of my opinion are, 1. I am really still just a kid with opinions and no power to change anything yet anyway and 2. I believe this topic is very, very touchy. Moreso even then my other 'Why I' posts which deal only with how one should live, not whether their right to life is even valid.
But, that being said, I do believe in capital punishment. And I do believe in the over-throwing of laws allowing abortion to be a legal act of 'healthcare'. And that is why I am starting a movement (that may or may not even travel beyond this page of my own blog) to reevaluate the vocabulary we use when addressing such important topics as the decision whether to 'let' certain humans live, or not.

I am hesitant, but not unwilling, to write up a sequel focused more on why I believe the death sentence should be enforced in certain instances because it will take a lot of time and thought that I would not want to be wasted if no one is interested in hearing my thoughts! So please, in your comments, include whether or not you would read such a post and, if not, ideas for a different 'Why I'! I realize this post was short (and I hope to-the-point!) but since I did not want to wander from each seemingly relevant topic to the next I purposely kept this one ephemeral.

I will now leave you with the definition of Anti-Abortion:

"opposing or legislating against medically induced abortion"

Much more cut-and-dry don't you agree? Let's not give our opposers any foothold for grammatical critique shall we? 

Did this post provoke any interesting thoughts for you? 
What do you think about being more precise in our causes name?
Are you pro-death sentence?



  1. I agree, Rebekah. By the way, will you, and Cassie be at the Homeschool Book Sale, on the 15th?

  2. At this point I am not sure- but maybe! ;-)

  3. I think the "prolife" movement made a huge mistake by trying to market the cause. Did those who were fighting against slavery call themselves, "pro-freedom?" NO! They were trying to "abolish" slavery, so they called themselves: abolitionists! From the beginning we should've called ourselves abolitionists or anti-abortion! This is an excellent post! Keep up the great work & God Bless!!!

  4. Two years after the posting of this article, I see it and want to comment.....
    I love your article. If you write more like this, I will be thrilled. You have inspired me to think of exact terms for everything that I stand for. I am pro-death sentence.
    If you respond to this please contact me otherwise I will probably never see it.
    Thank you.


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