Saturday, October 10, 2015

Outfit // Jewel Fall

Outfit // Jewel Fall
Hello all! I'm not too sure about you, but I for one think it's crazy that October is already in full swing. September seemed like a week of time instead of four and the thought that winter is coming soon leaves me savoring these last couple of months before we find ourselves having to bundle up. (Not to mention getting back into the dreaded "taking-outfit-pictures-as-fast-as-possible-before-you-freeze" phase for we bloggers!)
Outfit // Jewel Fall
Before I comment on my outfit shown here, I want to take some of this post to encourage you who may be finding yourself in a waiting season of life or just a season that you really would love to not have to live through. While on one of the group chats I'm in online this week, the topic of which season you like the most and how each of our state's seasons are different from the others came up. We stated which of the four seasons we enjoyed most as children and which ones we find the most fun during; suiting each of our likes. As the convo progressed we soon realized that we really should learn to be content in all seasons; because, like it or not, if one likes Summer you have to go through a few long Winter months before the lush green grasses are able to appear again.

You can see where this is probably going.

Once we learn to really truly admire and love with a passion each "season" of our lives we'll be content with where we are at. As the younger generation in this age, we tend to want things here and now, not waiting for the appropriate time for what we're awaiting. The somewhat hard truth is is that if things happened right when we wanted them to, we either wouldn't be prepared for that change, resulting in an utter mess, or not appreciate it as fully had we waited for the right time for things to happen; leaving one a very selfish and wanting person. The cycle will only restart once it's begun and boy, is it hard to stop!

A few things concerning these thoughts I'll share and leave it at that. Just take heed to knowing that God's timing is the best. Cliche? Maybe, but it's the honest to goodness truth.

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven. Ecclesiastes 3:1

This verse may be over used in talking about waiting, contentment, and trials in one's walk as a Believer, but those words shouldn't be just read through and then forgotten until the next time you need a two second pep talk. Really dwell on the reassurance that there IS a perfect purpose and divine timing for everything that happens; each and everything that comes your way. 


The next little tidbit I have is specifically aimed for we girls, but it can easily be switched to masculine form also. We as Believers have a huge responsibility to those around us; be those unbelievers or by simply being a Godly encouragement to lift those higher and closer to Him who do believe. Read the next quoting and take it to heart and as a challenge for the good of you and those you encounter; because how you deal with things show your true colors and says more about Who you serve more than we tend to want to realize. 

The fact that I am a woman does not make me a different kind of Christian, but the fact that I am a Christian does make me a different kind of woman. For I have accepted God's idea of me and my whole life is an offering back to Him of all that I am and all that he wants me to be.
-Elizabeth Elliot

Outfit // Jewel Fall
Outfit // Jewel Fall
Outfit // Jewel Fall
Boots- Free // Legging- gifted // Dress- thrifted, $4 // Long sleeve- old // Headscarf- thrifted, $1
Rarely do I put on an outfit that doesn't consist of at least one item I've handcrafted. It's kinda my way of always having that token on that says "I'm a sewer". However, a day or two a week I'll usually wear an assemble that lacks that token just because of what I'm feeling like that day. Last weekend I threw on this super cute and easy chambray denim dress over a long sleeve which I'd quite worn out during the week with babysitting and such. (i.e. baggy sleeves and baby drool covered up by the dress' bodice.)  A day or two prior I finally was able to head to town for once with my family (the days Mom usually chooses to go I'm usually working) and while out I picked up this scarf I'm donning around my messy locks. Even with my past love of a more Gypsy/boho look, I just can't stand the washed out prints of that bohemian boutique fabric with it's abstract prints and washed out effect that you see on bolts in stores such as Jo-Anne Fabrics and Field's. So when I left the store with this scarf I was a bit surprised at myself as its on the cutting edge of reminding me of said fabrics. But the colors are much more vibrant and not as washed out around the edges as the other fabrics like it tend to be like. I love the jewel tones for a Summer to Fall look and adore the colors by my face. Yay for .99 thrift store accessories!

Okay one last thing- all last summer and into the Fall and then throughout the new year I looked and looked for a pair of fall/riding boots that I could slip on with shorter skirts and autumnal wear up until I had to switch them out for a more snow appropriate shoe. All my looking availed to nothing. Each time I found a pair that met all my standards (i.e. more rounded toe, little to no heel, not past the knee, and not to mention in my price range) they always were out of  stock. Within the mid months of summer though I was able to get my hands on this gray pair along with a more snugly fitting brown pair! Although their pleather material and zipper closures are not really my first choice, I'm super happy about being able to incorporate each pair into my wardrobe this Fall! And who knows, I'll probably be able to better look for my "dream pair" once I've worn these for a while. ;)

Outfit // Jewel Fall

Thanks so much for stopping by and have a wonderful weekend! While we are still "churchless" it hasn't been as easy to get a good system going with outfit photos/posts because of our lack of need to get into something more fetching than doing an errand run, babysitting, or "farm-choring" in as it used to be. But this weekend we're going to visit a church some of our family has recently began attending which should be nice. Not to mention I'm excited to have a reason to share a fun dress outfit with you all! ;)

What are you up to this weekend?
Do you have anything to add about my thoughts on seasons?

Love and blessings, 
the elder sister and writer 



  1. Sweet outfit Cassie! I like your new boots. :)
    Those were good words you shared! How amazing to know that God does have a purpose for everything in our lives and has brought things about at the right time. Thanks for the reminder!


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