Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Outfit // Nautical Spring

Outfit // Nautical Spring
Hello everyone! Well, we made it through Tulip Time! This week is going great; the recovery of such an event can lots of times linger around for a few weeks, but this year I think we've already done quite well at getting things put away till next year and putting the house in order again. I think it helps too to make sure you don't rush into a busy coming period as well; that's just what we did the day these photos were taken before the hectic week came!-- took a jaunt down to the creek!

Outfit // Nautical Spring
 Leggings- made by me // Linen skirt- Goodwill, $4 // Undershirt, by Loft, thrifted // Shirt- Forever 21, thrifted, $4 // Headwrap, old
Lots of you know about what it is all we do during Tulip Time, and since I've not been quite as usual with posts lately, we haven't had too many newcomers, but if you either follow anonymously or the posts explaining said topic somehow went over your head, you can find that post here to read up a bit more on that.

Our third year of being with Dutch History Live went very well this year too! The performance was a bit more tricky this year as our venue had no real back stage for us to use! But with everyone knowing the play parts so well from being in it years prior, and our weekly practices that started up in March, we were able to pull it off and got a compliments from those who'd seen it before who said it was the best they've seen yet! (We also travel with this group, performing in sister States that have festivals celebrating their Dutch history.)

Outfit // Nautical Spring
As you grow older, things get busy I've found. People want you to babysit nights after work, you have things you want to do on your own time, and of course on top of it all you have your regular responsibilities at home etc etc. More thoughts on these to come, but oh have I found it to be so important to just be still for a while, so that when tasks need to be done, you won't be drudging through them, make needless mistakes, and cause your body to be tired and stressed. Stepping out into nature is my haven for times when I need to breathe and refocus. Seeing that there is stillness in a whole world of life causes me to realize that we too have an option; to either get caught up in hurry hurry hurry, or that with each task to be calm, working at it till it's accomplished without stressing about 'what's next'. 

Outfit // Nautical Spring
Outfit // Nautical Spring
iPhone 5c used
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This is one of those outfits that I just loved wearing! The shirt is slightly modern for me, but the novelty print and pairing it with a linen skirt and manila yellow helped make it a bit more my taste. The reason I purchased it was because it fit me like a glove! Love that, don't you?! Also, I must admit I was excited to had found a Forever21 piece that actually worked for me at a thrift store! ;)


 As life gets busy this Summer, make sure to make the effort in spending time somewhere where all is still to you. Cut off yourself off from going from one thing to the next and just be still in the presence of YHWH. I know you'll feel ultimately refreshed and ready to face more of everyday life challenges when you do, so take this as your reminder. ;)

Where do you go for serenity? 
What is happen this Summer for you?
You have anything by Forever21?
the elder sister 


  1. This is a fun outfit! :D Of course, I like the nautical print! I have one Forever21 item, a plaid wool skirt!
    It is good to remember to be still! I'm glad that you have found some times of peace the the midst of a busy life.

  2. Love your outfit, as always! :)


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