Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Its Finished! // Civil War Clothing (Month 1, Update 2)

Its Finished! // Civil War Clothing (Month 1, Update 2)
Hello all! I'm getting quite behind in sharing my recent makes here on the blog, so I thought it was high time I got back into the swing of sharing a sewing adventure with you this afternoon! This is one that's been on my mental "to make" list for quite a while (see post about that here) and so I'm excited to showcase it finally!

Its Finished! // Civil War Clothing (Month 1, Update 2)
As this is the third fall we'll be part of a near-by Civil War reenactment, the era continues to intrigue me both the full dresses, bonnet like hats, and muslin undergarments; each item of women's wear especially calls my name.

As I stated in the opening paragraph, I wrote more about my plans for this year's costumes there, so take a look!- But this is of that month of goals is the one garment I've now completed as you can see! An 1860's chemise- the first layer to a woman's clothing back in that day!

Its Finished! // Civil War Clothing (Month 1, Update 2)
Its Finished! // Civil War Clothing (Month 1, Update 2)
The sleeve under linings (shown in the first picture above) were a bit of a challenge. Ironing under the seam allowance and then doing a hidden seam around the top, then folding it all back over on it's self to sew the bottom seam around and down made for some tricky turns and making it all lay completely flat was near impossible. I think I could have been a bit more picky and not have gotten those little pleated bumps on the corners, but I decided since it was just an undergarment and fixing the situation would have meant to reconstruct the whole sleeve gussets by taking in the SA some, I just let it be.

Also, there were actually quite a few pieces to this seemingly simple shift! You have a lining to each of those small triangular corner gussets, a diamond shaped under arm gusset, two side panels running down the skirt, back and front cuff pieces, and then the yoke and yoke's lining! It was pretty fun to see all those little shapes come together one by one to make up such a full and period looking piece! 

Its Finished! // Civil War Clothing (Month 1, Update 2)
I followed the pattern basically to a T, except for attaching the lace around the yoke and sleeves by hand rather than in the seams with a machine. I adore that I had this lace in my stash of antique trims, it added just about the perfect touch did it not?

Its Finished! // Civil War Clothing (Month 1, Update 2)

I'm SUPER excited about my next Civil War makes I have to share 
with y'all, so stay tuned!

What was your last completed project?


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  1. Wow! I can tell you put a lot of time and care into that shift! I know from experience that this pattern is a bit tricky! It is a gorgeous piece, and yours is so BEAUTIFUL! I love the off-white color and that lace. I must say, super impressed!


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