Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Monthly Goals

Monthly Goals
Happy first week of October to you all! Ever feel like there's so much you want to accomplish during the week, but you never quite make it to the end of your "to-do" list? Well today I'm going to share some of the things that I want to buckle down and strive to do this month; each week leading up to the first week of November, trying my best to be able to say I kept myself on track!

Through my three years of blogging, I've seen many bloggers do this sort of post, but never jumped on the band wagon. They'd write up either a list of goals for the next month or at the end of a month, say what they'd accomplished, followed by what they'd like to do better the following. I thought it a good idea; you're sharing what is important to you with your readers and also giving yourself a big nudge for keeping with your goals because it's public; readers can then in a way be holding you accountable.

At this stage in life its somewhat easy to flit away the days you have at home instead of using them to their full advantage. You have responsibilities still for sure, and some of them much more heavy than they used to be, but being a young adult you don't always have that person to remind you of things you should probably be occupying your time with.    
Now that's not to say I'm terribly lazy and loaf around the house in my nightgown all day! I'm not that person at all, but there are things that I want to do a more consistent job on, more than weekly laundry and doing the dishes.  

So, here we are with my little list:
  • Starting off I'll go with the couple that pertain to the blog directly. I want to blog two to three times a week again. This past month has been quite crazy. We were out of the house three weekends in row, had two birthdays and my parents anniversary, plus the Civil War event. But needless to say the blog has been lacking in regular postings ever since Bekah took a step back from her postings. And though it is more challenging to get something new up every few days now that I'm our main writer, I know I can still keep the blog going if I'm more structured. So, for the month of October my goal is to post twice each week max, to get the ball rolling again.
  • I want to reply to each of the comments that comes through the posts I publish. Those of you that have been so faithful to still read our little nook of the web encourage me to keep going and I want to show my appreciation of that by personally getting back to each of you!
  • Read an entire book this month. This is something I basically already do, but I have this habit of reading half way through something and then dropping it for a few weeks before picking it up again. I want to get better at finishing the entire thought of a book so that I'm more likely to glean all that it was intended to give, rather than just learn part of its purpose. I'm already well into a super great read this month, so this one should be a breeze for me to concur!
  • Exercise two or three times a week. Exercising is something I do enjoy doing, but its also something that is easiest to do when done more than when you just feel like it. If you don't have it in your mind to save time for it, that time will quickly get spent elsewhere. So here's to putting it in my schedule! 
  • Sew something each week. I've really been super busy with sewing lately. I do usually have something going, but oh too often I let that passion lay a while after a rush of work has been done with it. (i.e. Like the Civil War muster items.) So I want to make it a goal to produce some items out of the pile thats been adding up, even if I have been super busy with sewing lately. 
  • Read the Torah portion each Sabbath. Some of you may not know what the "Torah portion" is, but basically it's the first five books of the Bible (Torah) broken down into sections for each week of the year, including a passage from the usually the books of Prophesy or Psalms along with a section from the Gospels/New Testament. This is something I've really enjoyed doing in the past, but really want to begin doing weekly.
  • Get up at a better time. I never used to be a night owl. I was the one who went to bed right at ten no matter what. Mom used to tease me that I'd turn into a pumpkin if I stayed up past midnight. The past year or so though, I've made a ton of friends who live in different time zones than me, catching up late at night with them has become a habit. So naturally this means I sleep in more than I used to. While I by no means what to not talk to my dear friends, I know that while that is a big aspect, it is easy to then stay up for other reasons not quite so noble as well. I'd like to do better at structuring my time between 10 and 12 at night so that I can get up and moving to get things done in the morning before my usual afternoon work hours.
  • Write a note to someone each week. I'm big on writing cards to people and sending little gifts via the mail. This month though I thought it would be nice to pick someone each week and just let them know I'm thinking of them as the summer has been busy and given me less time to do that.     

Thanks everyone for reading through my goals for this next month!

If you thought of something you want to be more structured in doing this month, please let us 
know in the comments below so we can all hold each other accountable and see how we did in a few weeks! 

Many blessings,
the elder sister

I glorified you on earth, having accomplished the work that you gave me to do.
John 17:4


  1. I'm looking forward to seeing you post more! My goal is typically to post once a week but it can get tough!

  2. I'm the same way with books,I love to read, but it seems I always get side tracked or busy with something else, so that is also one of my goals to achieve this month.I also need to get up at a better hour, I love staying up late but whenever I stay up late I also get up late, and getting up early would make things easier since my family and I do live on a small farm/homestead, whatever you may call it:-) --Riley

  3. Hi Cassie, I hope you are successful in your goals. I think they are good and reasonable to accomplish. It can be hard to press through when it seems like it doesn't matter. Be encouraged in well doing! -Blessings T.

  4. Great ideas, Cassie! I hope you're successful, and get much accomplished, without overwhelming yourself. God bless! :)


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