Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A night on the town :-)

 Hey future readers!   This is what I saw when I stepped outside the front door to beat out a rug a few mornings ago! I had completely forgotten that I planted a packet of these around our old farm bell in our side yard. Glad I didn't weed out the sprouts before it bloomed into this magnificent example of God's creation!
 So since this is our first real post, we thought that we would do a simple fashion post too.

We went into town before I  (Cassie) had to babysit in the afternoon.I needed something comfy and flexible, to wrangle 6 little kids under the age of 7 for the night. This is what I came up with.

                                                           What I am wearing:
                                                        Sandals: thrift store $2
                                                        Jean skirt: made by me
                                                        Gray undershirt: thrift store,$2
                                                        Short sleeve shirt: thrift store,$1
                                                        Scarf: ?
                     It worked out pretty well, I was able to be kid-proof and still be a little dressed up. :)
I also needed my hair up and out of the way to go along with the eventful day.....and the heat, it was 85*
 So, using the Boyer Family Singer's new 'C' circle braid tutorial I ended up with this.
                                  This is sure to be a new favorite!  Thanks for the tutorial Jessica!

Hi, Bekah here...This was my outfit for going to town last Monday. While Cassie was babysitting, the rest of us headed to some thrift shops to pick out some birthday gifts for her. (Got a few items but since she's sitting right here next to me, I will have to share them at a later date= BIRTHDAY POST!)

                                                     What I am wearing:
                                     Shoes: J-41's  goodwill,  $4
                                     Jean skirt: local mission thrift store,  $1
                                     Belt: borrowed from Cassie,   $1
                                     Jacket: yard sale, .75
                                     Blue button up: goodwill $2.99
                                     Undershirt: local mission thrift store,$1.99
                                     Black headband: made by Cassie
                                     Leather tote bag: garage sale for $3

I got the bag for a Christmas present from Mom,it's from Greece! To make a (very) long story short, it belonged to a businessman who bought it overseas and used it as a briefcase for 20 years,then decided to buy a new one... It's all hand-stitched leather!   We love an antique with a good story!   G'night y'all, it's gonna be a nice break from heat tonight,a 'low' of  57* here  in MI,time to open the windows!
                                                   ~Cassie and Bekah


  1. Hi girls!

    I have just viewed your blog posts, and I love everything you've put up for all of us readers to see! Excellent work!

    Cassie, I think you have outdone yourself in replicating the hair style I posted a while back! It's beautiful! Do you girls often practice doing your hair? It is a wonderful art for young ladies to know so that we might better present ourselves in public, and I believe it is a joy for our families to see us working diligently to bring out the beauty God has given all of us!

  2. Thanks! We are working on personalizing the background of the blog and making the pictures bigger... And yes, we do try to do interesting hair styles, more than just putting it up in a ponytail anyway! Thanjs again for doing the tutorial! Have a great day! :-)


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