Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Pilot

Hey y'all,
You have now entered the blog where my sister and I will share of our farming catastrophes, sewing projects, modest attire for everyday living, and Biblical encouragement.
 A little bit about us....We are part of a homeschooling family with five children here on earth and two in Heaven with the our parents (Pete and Holly Shashaguay) and around 30 animals which equals "Calico Clodhoppers"!  I, Rebekah, am the second oldest at fourteen, Cassandra is seventeen going on eighteen, Peter (the only boy) is twelve,  Emmaline is nine, and Melody is six.                                                 Our life:    We are members of the Assembly of God church in Fennville where we live. Come summertime Cassie and I work grading blueberries at an organic farm owned by our friends the Van Voorhees.... Though we do get needed days off from school,we officially work all summer long. (Except, *like most homeschoolers*, shopping days!)  Okay,so now you know a little bit about us,but still not much to read about huh? Well,if you're patient,we'll try to make this blog as uplifting and humorous as we possibly can in our extra time,when we aren't grooming Havah (our hackney pony), milking Myrtle (the goat),playing fetch with Jack and Harvey (This one's pretty obvious but...those are our dogs   ;-]   ),collecting eggs or feeding the ducks!       If you happen to stumble upon this or someone tells you about it,thanks for reading our 'Pilot Post'!      *More coming soon to a blog near you*                       ~Rebekah and Cassandra Shashaguay

If you noticed our rather strange last name: it has to do with our grandfather, Bernie Shashaguay, getting adopted by indians during the Great Depression. Our 'real' last name is Rademacher. So,in conclusion, we are a german/dutch family with an Ottawa Indian last name.... Interesting enough for you yet?     *THANKS AGAIN*  Bye!       :-)


  1. Hi Cassie and Rebekah! I just found the link to your blog in the comment that you left! Lovely job so far :)

    Keep up the good work!


    1. Thank you so much for commenting! And for taking a look! Cassie and Rebekah


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