Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A Very Berry Day...

Well,hello again!   :-)    Today we worked on the farm (Pleasant Hill Organic Blueberries) weeding the strawberry/pear tree garden. Rather than explain everything we did,we'll show it to you in photos! (Don't worry,we'll tell you what's going on in each)

First off,before we left, I went down to the mailbox to see if it was here yet,then I took this picture of some scrumptious-looking blackcaps! (I ate a few as well)  After that I went down to wait in our conversion van 'til the littles (Emma,Mel,and Jazzie,our cousin) were ready to go... And then...I found this beautiful dragonfly on our berry bush!

                                                              Then...we headed out!

                          (Here are the geese that live on the Kalamazoo river down our road)

Here are Cassie and Peter walking ahead of me on the way to the berry patch after Mom dropped us off...

                                Next I'll show some of the critters we found while weeding....

I used focal point editing on the caterpillar and tree frog,and added this cute polaroid frame for the grasshopper,believe it or not it is otherwise unedited! It was a super neon green!

Here is our friend Sara, (Who just passed the Driver's Ed. test this morning...good job Sara!)  she works at the farm too and lives nextdoor so she walked over to say hi...

                                                                  Yummy ripe peaches!

Almost time to go to church,so I must bid thee farewell!  (Birthday party for Sara tonight!)     :-)

                                                        Two more pictures before I go....

A giant weed!


                                                          And the finished product!!!
                                          Hope you had as successful a day as us,bye!

                                                                                           ~Bekah and Cassie

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