Monday, July 29, 2013

Sunday Duds and the Antique Market

  Hi everyone! How was your sermon yesterday? How was your afternoon? We are here to tell you how our day went. In the morning we attended our church services.Then we headed out to Allegan(about 25 minutes away from us) for the monthly summer antique show! Sara (From "A Very Berry Day") and her brother Nathan also came along with us.    :-)      We took photos to share with you of all the most interesting finds at the booths. But first, here is Cassie's outfit from yesterday morn'.   (Cassie had to put on all her garb from Sunday so we could take the pictures...we ran out of sunlight last eve!)   

          Skirt:thrift store $4  Slip:Made by me $2  Shoes:thrift store $3  Shirt:Sam's Club clearance $4
                                                 Vest:Goodwill $3      Shawl::thrift store $3

         We had such a nice day yesterday even though it has been fairly cold and rainy.
       In these pictures you can kind of see Cassie's hair style for the day...It is a unique updo that we plan on doing a tutorial about within these next few days. :)

                                              Sara and I posing by a "Schwinn Twinn" bike...

                                    An old telegraph receiver and sender, a first for us to see!
                                                          A beautiful purple oil lamp...
                                 As it says on the tag, A HANDMADE HAMMER!
                                         A restored hand-topped quilt...  Love the fabrics!
                                          A complete set of stamps,probably early 1900's.
 (Sorry for the distant photo) An old carny wagon,they were USING  it to make popcorn!
 A well-used wooden bowl. (Notice the copper strips to cover and repair cracks)

               A two foot tall geode! ............ ^Cassie is inspecting some over-priced hair pins. ;P

Here I (Bekah) am in an $80 dollar cowboy hat that I payed.....*Drum roll please*..... ten bucks for at the end of the sale!    YAY!    (You see in previous photo I came to the market wearing my worn-out felt barn hat and left with the hat of my dreams!)                     We also purchased the following........

           From left: 40's postal cards, enamel bowl with measurements inside, rag rug fabric balls, hair pins, and over twenty of these ladies magazines from the 1860's! We are really looking forward to reading through them!
                                           Flour sack fabric rolled into rag-rug balls.
 Cassie was very happy to find these hair pins for a much more reasonable price! :)
                            And this cute little garden fencing that we put up this afternoon.
     This is our favorite cover of one of the magazines So precious! :)

 An end~note: During the day,we had several people comment on our very conservative and modest apparel. (*Most people first come up to us to ask if we are Amish or Mormon -though there are a lot of differences between the two- then, when we tell them we are not, they are even more interested...*)  One very nice woman told us,"It's so nice to see young women with beautiful smiles. Don't let anyone wreck you."    Another christian couple came up to Cassie to ask us if we were Amish or...?  We talked to them for quite a while. They were from Detroit and stated quite bluntly that the rates of appropriately dressing ladies is at an all-time low. They said they were very encouraged to see us dressing so modestly of our own accord.

So keep it up all of you Timothy 2:9 girls!!!!   We do make a difference!   These are always times that 1st Samuel 16:7  comes into play...  I do know that it doesn't particularly matter what you wear, for the fate of your soul, to God... Just like if you were a thief your whole life and repented after hearing of God's salvation on your deathbed, you can still get into Heaven but if you had heard the Word earlier in life,would you not have changed your course??        Yes it is true that God looks at the heart and man at the outward but, can't you turn that around? Man looks at your appearance,sees you are different than the World,and gives YOU the chance to share your heart.     
                                How was your Lord's day ?
                                           Were you out with friends and family ?

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