Friday, August 2, 2013

Helping Out in Pink and Purple

Howdy! Today our family helped a friend pack up some belongings for a short distance move...only about three miles down the road.  We took these pictures by (And IN) their beautiful creek.
                                                     Here's what Cass and I wore:

 What I'm wearing: Purple floral skirt, found in my aunt's attic -free!         Black peasant style shirt, goodwill $4        Black flats, (Have had forever) goodwill $3                  Light yellow undershirt, thrift store $1
Gold vine headband, the mall (The only thing we got...the ONLY time we went!)  ;-D     $6

 Cassie's outfit:    muck boots,goodwill $8     jean skirt, goodwill $4  pink shirt, thrift store $1  gray sweater, goodwill $4  belt, thrift store $1   head scarf, gift from mom (from goodwill :P) 

We had to make this post pretty snappy 'cause tomorrow we are holding a car wash fundraiser for a missions trip we are part of. We plan to go to Lithuania next June. We will most likely do a post about that later next week!   We have a lot of other things planned for it as well.  :-)

                                                       One more before we go......

Have you helped anyone out lately?
                               Have any fundraiser ideas for us?                          Have a blessed weekend!


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