Sunday, August 4, 2013

Fundraiser and Poison Ivy

Hey everyone! Hope your weekend has been a blessed one!
       Yesterday was our first car wash fundraiser for the mission trip that our Dad, Rebekah, and I will be going on. We leave next June! We are so happy to be able to go and be a blessing!
We are part of a whole group of people from our church that will be going to Lithuania to help build a children's camp. We had a decent turn out for only being there four hours and had many donations come in! :) We had a great time learning to work together and the opportunity to share Jesus!

                                                       Our sister Emma washing windows.

                                                          Our youngest sister Mel

                                                            Getting ready to wash!
                                                         Emma ready to help! :)
                                                        Dad putting on the finishing touches
                                    Our mission trip leader talking to a donor   *note her license plate :)
                                 Emma with our brother Peter and friend Nathan in the background
                                       The thermometer goal poster that Mom made for us! :)
                                  Dad and Larry Marsden  (who will also be going) ushering in the cars. :D
                  Peter took this picture for me since I took all the other ones and Rebekah was unable to come because of poison ivy. :( And yes, this will probably be the only time you ever see me in a T-shirt. I didn't give myself myself enough time to finish my swim shirt before the date. :)  Nothing against T-shirts, just don't enjoy wearing them! :)

                                            How was your weekend ?
                                                     Have any fundraiser ideas for us ?

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