Monday, September 23, 2013

Blessings While Being Saved // In Naturals and Vibrant Blues

Hi everyone, I hope your Lord's day was filled with renewal and joy!  After our church service we had a wonderful time with friends and family, celebrating Rebekah's birthday!  It was wonderful to have everyone over for hours of talking and countless pieces  of sour cream apple pie!

Our pastor was out of town this week so we had one of our elders deliver the Message.  He is a wonderful evangelist who runs our town's food pantry....He always has amazing stories about God meeting people's needs in in so many different ways.         Our sermon was then based on  Matthew 6:33   "But seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well."
  Being saved through Jesus can not only bless ourselves (physically and spiritually) but bless other people's lives! Through Jesus we are made into part of  His light shining out into the darkness, setting an example of His never ending love. Just like physical light draws people, so will our 'light' of Jesus shining out through us! We can have such an amazing part in sowing 'seeds' of people's convictions and their choice of Salvation. Our pastor has shared an analogy before how we need to be like a sponge, drenched and soaked (overflowing with Jesus' love)  then every time people come near us they will get 'wet'. It makes me smile. That God sees so much in us that He would want to use us to be part of such an amazing deed!
  We need to represent Jesus in whatever we are doing. Be open with people and really help them understand that we really were (are) a sinner in need of a Savior too. Being a great example can sometimes be a challenge and not looking 'too holy' can be hard to balance out. We need to be true to Jesus and find out who we are in Him and how He wants to use us. Once we find this out it is a huge blessing of contentment and we are moreover a blessing to others' lives.
  Once we are saved the darkness is swiped out! We are being trained by God to rule and reign in His Kingdom! It really is all about how we effect people around us and how they respond to you may be how they are responding to that next seed the Holy Spirit is trying to plant. When the light shines people are drawn.
  We need to be a witness, to take the stand! We will be so overflowing with the joy of the Lord that people will not be able to stay away! Doesn't that make you just bubble up with wonder and worship!?   Be bold and let the light of your salvation shine out to all and be evident in your every task!    It is a 'tall order' but all we can do is seek Him in all we do and the light He gives us will draw and accomplish all He has in store for everyone!  :)

 I was so happy when I found this adorable shirt at one of our local thrift shops this past week for just two dollars! The buttons just take the cake for me! :) And just look at how amazingly it matches this skirt that I already owned! If you are wondering at all about my style, I think that this outfit best explains it! I love vintage, homemade, elegant, raggedness, calico......Here it is!

                                                                           My outfit:
                                                       Shoes: yard sale, $1.50
                                                       Cotton slip: made by me
                                                       Tan calico skirt: handmade, goodwill, $4
                                                       Lace cardigan: gift
                                                       Tan shirt: thrift store $2
                                                       Brown belt: goodwill, $1
                                                       Hair clip: made by me (It was a button:))
Since we were having the birthday party at lunch (right after church) we took our outfit pictures before we headed out. Bek was still eating her breakfast which she ruefully tossed into the woods after I snapped this picture, it was a store bought doughnut which she declared with malice, "Coats my mouth with chemical wax frosting!"          She shan't be eating any of those for a while.  :)

                                                                     Rebekah's outfit:
                                                                Shoes: goodwill, $3
                                                                Fading blue skirt: goodwill, $4
                                                                Blue undershirt: thrift store, $1
                                                                Blue floral cotton shirt: gift
                                                                Silver hair flowers:Meijers $4

                     What was your sermon about ?
                             Did you have a time of fellowship ?

                                                               Hope that y'all have had a blessed weekend!
                                                 * Stay tuned for our Wednesday post of Bek's birthday!*


  1. Lovely outfits! That first one is definitely *me*. :)
    I had a wonderful Sunday. The fellowship of my brothers and sisters in Christ is something I treasure and look forward to every week.

  2. You both look lovely! I especially adore your outfit, Cassie. It is so very soft and delicate looking, and your hair matches it perfectly, giving an over all Anne of Green Gables look.

    We had a lovely Sunday too, although I fought the stomach flu bug that night, and am now recovering. Blah! I do not like being sick!

    Have a beautiful week girls!



    1. Thanks Jessica! Sorry that you were sick! No fun! Hope that you are feeling up to par!

  3. I love both of your outfits, especially yours Cassie! I love all the small button details. Such vintage-rustic-elegant deliciousness! And that lace cardigan is just the icing on the cake! Rebekah's hair looks so pretty. And Cassie, yours is elegant as usual. ;)


    The Middle Sister and Singer


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