Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Rebekah's Birthday!

Hi all!  As we promised we are sharing our wonderful day of Rebakah's birthday party!  Hopefully we do not bore with too much of this or that.....:) We had a great time!    Mom made her fabulous chicken noodle soup (with homemade noodles-yum!) to Bek's request. Along with our favorite Amish dinner rolls! Perfect for the cooler weather that we have been having here in Michigan.  And not one, but two kinds of apple pie!  :)        On to the pictures......

                                                                                                    Simple beauty
                                                                                 The tables are ready for company!

     Before our guests came, I ran across the road to gather what greens the coming season has left  behind. The colored Ball jars gave a bit more color than what was left of the goldenrod and cornflowers. The result is so calm and perfect.

 Every birthday we make a banner for the special person. This year we painted Rebekah's and I made a fabric banner to drape along the banister.
                                                        Time to ring the dinner bell!
                                                                                         Yay!  Time for gifts!

                        My mom found this adorable little easel  just this past week, we thought it would come in handy!
                                                                              Who would not want these!?
                                                                         Wonderful homemade cards.
                                                                      Lovely gifts.   Yay! Burt's Bees!  :)

                             Isn't this belt and buckle just stunning!?  A beautiful gift from Mom and Dad.
                                          A perfect gift for any horse rider!   Rebekah was thrilled!

                                          Perfect gifts for an antique lover!   The locket opens out four times!

                                       Can you ever have enough Reminisce magazines?  We love them!

                                                             Who wants pie ?
Since we were expecting so many people to come we did not make the ice cream, but it looks like that did not stop anybody!

                                                          Lemonade is my Coca-Cola!  Is it not beautiful ?   :)
                                           ^ One of our guests was pretty eager for the pie!  :)

                     I love this photo I snapped while our men folk were savoring the apple sweetness.

    So that is about it! I am sure that we could have had a few more photos, but...?   :)
And anyone who was possibly wondering, we are in the middle of remodeling/expanding our kitchen so that is the reason for the slightly odd setup! :)    Thanks for looking!

Is anyone loving this easier to read type set ? I know I am. Even though the other was more fun this is so much more functional!  
                                    Hope you have a blessed week!
                                                           Until Friday then dearies!


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