Friday, September 20, 2013

Picture Perfect

Hi all.   ;)   Today I am doing a post of vintage pictures I have collected. (Off of the internet)
I love all of these photos and I'm sure you will too!

I'll start off with the ones containing animals. This is a portrait of a cat (Obviously) taken in 1880.

                                       I guess back then hair salons were kid and pet friendly!

                               This is just plain adorable! Her puffy dress, the dog's face...

                                                     This is just about perfect as well!

                               1905 portrait of Anna Pavlova and her beloved pet swan.

                          A Vogue magazine advertisement. I love Great Danes! (And her hat!)

                                              Now the unusual and heart-rending ones.
                                                Could this photo be any more cute???
A circa 1920 (Pretty strange for her to be dressing that daringly so early in the century) photo of a couple riding on a very strange side-by-side bike.  Anyone else ever seen a bike like this?

                               I would love to know what she's laughing at, wouldn't you?  ;-)

Pioneer woman collecting buffalo chips. (For those of you unknowledgeable in that term: buffalo manure was used for fuel on the Oregon trail and called chips.)

                 This Edwardian photograph was taken in 1912 of these eight beautiful sisters.

                                                                        Cute. :-]

Isn't this just priceless? Sailors bidding farewell to their girls from the portholes.
Titled,"Kiss the girls and make 'em cry."

                                                   Now that is a fancy barbershop.

                                  A Dior dress model and maids peeking around the corner.

Look closely. I almost fainted at the very thought of doing what those men are doing. I'm not necessarily afraid of heights, but I draw the line at balancing on the top of a church steeple!!!

                                        The next three are war-time post-bombing pictures.
                                                                  Little girl and her doll.

                                          Boy reading book titled,"The History of London".

                                        An abandoned boy and his stuffed elephant toy.


                                                                 Just like Mommy. ;)

                                                         No comment. (Hahaha...)

                                             Girls and boys listening to records, 1950's.

                                                                I'm seeing lots-a-dots.

                      1912 Belfast civilians bidding goodbye to their masterpiece---the Titanic.

                                    A very stylishly dressed african-american late 1940's.

                                                          Hair tape- I wish I had some!

                                                                       Sunday best.

                                              Three young girls pre- child labor laws.

                                     An elderly woman playing her eight-string guitar.

                   Looks like someone wasn't very happy about 'take your kid to work day'.   ;-)

                                                                     A suffragette.

This whole picture is strange. And do you know what those little buildings on wheels are? I wouldn't have guessed it. Okay, maybe I would have.  ;)   They are portable bathrooms!

                                                                Bringing in the sheaves.

                                            A girl's best friend. I love button-up shoes!

                                         Miss Maude Fealy, silent film star (1881-1971)

                                                                A make-do playground.

                                         A former slave 70 years after the Civil War.

                                                      A lacrosse team from 1893...

                                                         These shoes are wonderful!

                                               Garden club gossip... "Well, I never!"
                                                         A blizzard in 1888.
     A girl waiting for her turn in the photo booth. Note: women all doing their hair while they wait.  :)
I truly do think it would be fun to have a jukebox.  I'll have to settle for my record player though. :-)

                                                                          Any takers?
                                                              Like father like son.
                               No one knows who this elegantly dressed toddler is.  (1899)
 While this photograph isn't very modest, I had to put it on here. Anyone else know what they are doing? They are drawing lines on their legs with an eyebrow pencil because of the shortage of nylons during World War 2. Under the circumstances, it was the only thing to do.     ;-D

                                                                    The first skateboard??
 Mothers saying goodbye to their children who were being shipped off to the safety in the country.

                                                      A well-padded little skater.

                                                 Some 'rough and tough' bikers!

                                                    A well known picture of  V-Day.

                              I think I would give all of my savings account for hair like this!
                                                                        Or this!!!!

                                                                      Hmm... Funny...?

                                                                  Drawing water.

                    A Michigan mother (Dust Bowl) migrant worker. During the 'Dirty Thirties'.

                                            Red Cross nurses playing kickball in heels!

             This is the woman, Geraldine Hoff Doyle, that 'Rosie the Riveter' was modeled after.

                                                          Go on home young man!  :)

                                                                   A beautiful portrait.

                                                Entertained? I love that wallpaper!

                                 A Singer treadle sewing machine... A beautiful photograph.

                                                    Window wash line/ back alley.

                                                        A hardworking farm girl.

                         The most adorable picture ever. An African boy and his pet rooster.

                                                                   The Hindenburg.

                                                         1930 Teenage delinquents.

                              Now for "V.I.P.s"!  Or well-known folks as I call 'em.
First up is Mary Pickford. She starred in silent films and then when 'talkies' came about, starred in those as well. Since she was so small and had a child-like face, she played a very wide range of characters. This is when she is much older, and it is after she cut off her infamous curly locks in exchange for a modern pixie bob.

Does anyone know who this beautiful little girl is? Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, future queen of England.

                           Here she is with her daughters Elizabeth and Margaret years later.

                            Hans Christian Anderson, an author of many of my favorite books.

Kate Warne. First female detective, master of disguise. She once saved President Lincoln from assassination on the way to Washington. She is buried next to Allen Pinkerton.

Elizabeth Cochran. ( a.k.a. Nellie Bly) She was a news reporter who went undercover in an Asylum to uncover the evil treatment of the 'lunatics'.  She also traveled around the world in 72 days without a chaperone. All before she was 25 years of age she was the most famous woman on earth. Someone even trademarked a parlor game called 'Around the World with Nellie Bly'.

                                         Florence Nightingale, a founder of the Red Cross.

                                        Norman Rockwell: no introduction needed.   ;-)

                                                                  The Wright brothers.

                                                                Eleanor Roosevelt.

                                Elvis Presley. (He once attended an Assembly of God church.)

      Annie Oakley! Sharpshooter Annie Oakley aims with a mirror for a behind the back shot.   ;-)

Well. That took a while! This may be the longest post I will ever author.

                               What was your favorite photo?
                                                        Have you ever seen any of them before?  
                                                                           Do you have a passion for  vintage photos?

Well, as I said, this has taken a long time and I am late to do the evening chores. And without further ado,



  1. I LOVE vintage photos! I often wonder about their lives...what were their names? do they have any descendants? Do those descendants know their stories? what did they love to do? what struggles did they face during their time? One time, I found a picture of my great-grandmother when she was a little girl, and I just thought it was fascinating to "know" what her future had looked like. Did she have any idea at that time?

    I love the nurses photos (of course) and the picture of the girl with the big bow on a reminds me of the uniforms the girls used in the book/movie, "A Little Princess" by Frances Hodgson Burnett.

    1. I love the one of the nurses too! Yes, I always think about those things too, especially the ones of the children after a London bombing. Some of them could even still be alive! It would be so amazing if I could find, say, the little boy with the elephant toy is. He would probably be in his late seventies... And I always want to know what they thought of all the changes that took place pretty quickly in the 20th century. Especially the 70's! ;-) ~Rebekah

  2. Do you girls ever miss the life if public school like the dances like homecoming and prom

    1. Well....We have never been in the public school system at all so it is hard to really know what we are 'missing.' We have always been home schooled and we love it! It made us into who we are and the closeness of our family is worth everything! Really it is just being where God wants you to be and following what He has put into place!

    2. I used to be homeschooled I understand .... But it's still something lots of teenage girls do and know how about do you ever even kinda want to go to one?

    3. I guess you can always wonder what it would be like to do different kinds of things.
      Our annual contra dance is what we look forward to every year and that is more our style dancing anyway! :)

    4. What's contra? What's ur style?
      Yea I just like dances... Although most scho dances are to innaprprite to go to

    5. It is like square dancing.....Look it up on youtube!
      The music is country, banjo, guitar, accordion, etc.

    6. Oh ok! I never liked that kind a bunch i like ballroom but it's really pretty do you mAke dresses skirts for it?

    7. I believe we have made a skirt or two for it but, we have plenty of floor length skirts to wear already... ;-)

    8. How do you kee The ends of skirts from getting dirty?
      I'm short it's kinda hard to find floor length skirts for me but you guys are tall

    9. Well there really isn't a 'way'. Wearing boots help if is it during rainy season, but it really is part of the package. Wearing a slip or knee highs will keep you from getting wet.
      As far as not being able to find skirts easily (for cheep) find some that you like and that fit your waist and cut the bottom off to the appropriate length. Rebekah is actually taller than me I am 'only' 5.7 :)

  3. I love vintage photos! I have this flickr group that is full of photos from the 40/50s: my favorite era. :) Over 1,000 photos from 143 contributors.

    I love seeing the hair styles from old photos. I loved that bike picture you found! So adorable!

  4. now following!!!! I would love for you to follow me back!

    1. Hi! Thanks so much for stopping by! As you can see we are just getting it really means alot!
      As far as following, I will take a look at your blog soon! And there must have been an error as you were completing your following, you are not showing up! :p :) Thanks again!

  5. That's an interesting idea!!
    I'm 5'2 your still tall

  6. Hey(:
    I loved this post! The one picture of the beach with the "portable bathrooms", that actually isn't what they are. Back then it was very immodest for people to even see women in bathing suits. They are kinda like a dressing room, a woman would go inside one, change into her bathing suit, then the driver would drive into the water so the woman could hop out and get right in the water so no one would see her!

    1. Thanks for the comment! ;-) Where did you find out about the 'dressing room wagons'? I have never heard of that before! The place that I acquired it from said that it was a place where sailors (Hence the boats in the background) could take a hot bath after being at sea for months... Maybe I should do some research on that, your story makes more sense! Thanks again! ~Rebekah

  7. This is a beautiful page you have put together!


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