Friday, September 13, 2013

Flying Star Rodeo // Cowgirl Outfit

 Hey y'all, here is the aforementioned rodeo post!  (Here and Here)  

 I only had a scant (In my opinion) amount of time time to pick out a wearable cowgirl themed outfit and I think this came out pretty well. 

My rodeo duds: Boots, gift from Mom on my 13th birthday
Skirt, made by me
Black long sleeve shirt, local thrift shop- $1
Red paisley 'handkerchief' shirt, goodwill- $3
Belt, thrift store- $1
Western hat, Allegan Antique Market - $10

I thought I would put a few photos of our hackney pony, *Havah, (*Meaning 'let us rejoice' in Hebrew) since this is an equine themed post anyways...  ;-]    We came up with the name Havah from one of our favorite musicals, Fiddler on the Roof!    

                                             Here she is enjoying a refreshing roll in the dirt.  ;~)
                       And checking out the duck coop, there is a new resident, sorry feathered friends!

                        And here is our little town... The first picture shows everything but the Library!   :)
                             We love living in a small community, wouldn't have it any other way!
                                                                Now... ON TO THE RODEO!

                                                             The Michigan State flag...
                                                                            "Old Glory"
                                         (It sounded sort of tacky to say,"The American flag")
                                       A beautiful mare waiting to be used for the bronc bustin'.
                                                                           Gettin' red up...
                                The first guy flew off so fast I didn't have time to take a picture!
                                     But here is the stunningly beautiful bronc that he was 'riding'. Does this or does this not look like it could be the horse from ANY of the Black Beauty movies???

                                         He did his job and went right back to the holding pen...
                                                  As you can see this little pony had some spirit.

                                                      It took a long time to round him up.

                                                    They finally roped him after about ten minutes...
Here is the mare earlier mentioned, she was pretty tame, I'm not saying I would've wanted to be on her, but compared to say, the black one a few lines down, she was, let's say, all bark and no bite?  :-)

          And, no, amazingly, the guy DID NOT FALL OFF after or during me taking this picture!!!
 As you see here, the horse was just running around enjoying it's freedom, while the cowboy is trying hitch a ride with a friend! I believe they went around the ring at least 4 times before he jumped off! Bravo!
 This turned out much differently, it was the closest anyone got to getting seriously injured all evening!
 Unfortunately, the rider is behind the bar in the photo, but I can assure you that he was UNDER the horse's hooves  when I took it!  Thank the Lord, he walked off unharmed.


                                                                               Ready, set...

                     That concludes the bronc-riding and now we will be moving on to bulldogging...

 He, uh, doesn't appear to be budging.... Just kidding, he got him down. Eventually. (He resorted to biting the the scruff  [? What do you call the neck of a calf?] as he pulled down with all his might... ;-)

                                                       He was stunned.  ;-D    (I would be too!)
                              Any of you ever jumped off the back of a cantering horse? Not me.
 This really isn't that great of shot on one hand, seeing as how only half of the team is showing, AND they got a 5 point penalty for not giving the calf the required head start, but , I just had to put it on here, the white horse is completely off the ground!   ;)

                                                              He lost his hat on that run...

                                                            Started out picture-perfect....

                                                                 Didn't end quite so smoothly...
                                                                    Well THAT was embarrassing.  

      These two were left over from the following team roping. You got 'off the rope' this time, cuties!

                                                                      One of my favorites.....

                                                                    Here is a perfect example.

          At this point the flags were lowered to half staff for deceased state trooper, Paul Butterfield...

For those of you who have been to a rodeo, you know that in bull-riding, everything happens pretty fast, hence the blurred pictures, sorry...

                                                            He wasn't very happy. At all.
                                The longtime rodeo announcer, ------- sorry, forgot his name.    :(

                                                                     A considerate cowboy.

                                                                      He was happy to leave.

                                                                         Now some 'extras'.

                                                 Kiddies ready for the boot scramble race.

 A pint sized barrel racer, eight years old. She had a remarkable time of 19 seconds flat, trotting the whole time!  Only about 3 seconds slower than the winner, who had a time of 14.34.78 I believe.

Rodeo clowns. It's a *love-hate thing for me.   (*I do not like clowns in general, but when you add 'rodeo' to it, it kinda grows on ya... I mean, come on, his chaps are made out of a toilet rug, how can you not laugh?? )           ;-}

And for barrel racing, sorry, no pictures, by that time, it was too dark for my camera.   BUT!!! I have  videos! Yay!!!

(Her time was 15.3.40)

This gal's time was 16.4.02

And here are two bull riders...

                                                              A little bit of team roping....

Their time was 9 seconds flat, plus 5 penalty. (As I am certain you heard, several times.)     ;(       Sorry. Hahaha...

We stayed after the rodeo was ('officially') over for the crowd. But if you wait for a few minutes, then they do practically everything over again for the re-runs and extra points! Which is why there aren't any roaring crowds most of the videos... The majority of folks most likely don't even know they do it! I'm glad!

                                                                   ' Pulling' the arena....

                                            I probably wouldn't wear this one, but I still like it!
                                                                            Chevy? I'm in.
I don't know why this photo would not turn the right way,sorry...Anyway... I love it! (Except for the rebel flag.)           ;-)
                           The runner of the leather-craft/ hat booth is a Christian...    Love this!!!
                                                              Wish I had $18 bucks to buy this!!!
                                                                     Am I in... heaven???
                                                                                 4H Barn
                                        The nearly deserted fairground, the best time of the day!!!
                                                                 Smiles from the fair... ;-)

So how did you like this?   I just love rodeos!!! But, I could probably do without bulldogging...

                         What are your least favorite parts of the rodeo?
                                                                          Who's been to one?(Or 2, or 4, or10.)     ;-)

                             I reckon it's time to say farewell,
                                                                                                 ta ta for now,


  1. First off I admire you girls! Being farm girls and happy about it... I don't know how you ift half the things you prob. Do
    I am a christiAn former homeschooler just switched this year but I love your blog I have fallen In love with it!!!
    I'm not a horse fan... There big and well big but I do somewhat enjoy rodeos occasionally

    1. Thanks for your comment! We love living on a (Small) farm! I hope you're doing well at 'real school', hahaha! ;-) ~Rebekah

  2. Yep, I've "jumped" off a cantering horse. Not on purpose, though. ;) And it was bareback, nooot fun.
    I wear Confederate flags all the time. It doesn't matter who won. It's more of me being proud of the South. :) I don't like everything that we stood for but it wasn't all about slavery and I believe in a lot of the stuff we DID stand for. :)
    Love the rodeo photos! I attend quite a few and know a lot of rodeo'ers. ;) My plans are to marry one of those rodeo cowboys one!

    1. Hey Kalin, didn't mean to slight the South, the North did A LOT of horrible things to the Confederates I know... Here in Michigan though, it's banned in public schools to wear the Confederate flag... (Not that I care what they allow in schools; they also ban the Bible and the American flags in some!!!) But I would be interested to know what it stands for down there (Besides 'the South' of course!)...? :-) We have black friends/family who are offended by it's connection with their ancestors slavery. But we also have friends who wear it with a passion! What are your thoughts as a native southerner? (You're from Tennessee right?) And thanks for your comment! ~Rebekah

    2. For some reason my email just alerted me that you responded! :(

      Down here, there are most definitely some people that wear it because they are "rebels" but they couldn't name a person in the Civil War if their life depended on it, but to most, and I know to all of the true cowboys, it's a sign of freedom, respect for the South and the men and women who died protecting it. MAYBE 50% of the war was due to slavery, but that's pushing it. It was about much more, and if you study on it, 99.9% of those slaves ended up being given more when their "owners" died than the actual children. And yep! I'm a Tennessian! ;)

      In my point of view, if they want to ban the Confederate flag, they should ban teaching on it because apparently, they don't know enough of the history.

  3. What breed is Havah? I love horses, so I really enjoy cowgirl, and horse themed posts! Is it fun to have horses? Any tips would be appreciated as I am really wanting a horse of my own. (Mom says not until I'm 16 or so, and I'm only 12.) (:

  4. Sorry. I'm back again. LOVE ALL THE HORSE PHOTOS! Thanks!


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