Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Hay // In Wonderful Greens

Hello Dearies!  How has your week been so far ?
  This post is a mix of a sewing project that I finished last week, how our hay stock-up went and a simply wonderful outfit of Rebekah's!

    I have always wanted to find a pattern for a simple peasant blouse, but have not ever found one reasonably priced or good instructions on how to make one up your self.
  I got my main inspiration from  The West Ladies . They make this type of blouse in many ways. If you do not already know about this wonderful family I highly recommend that you look at their web page! They are Christians, do much of their own sewing, they have a series of homesteading skill how-to videos, they do much canning/gardening, and have two of their own recorded cds that feature wonderful hymns, ballads, and songs written by them! Simply wonderful!  :)

The finished result

The basics:
Time to make it:   About two hours 
Cost: Around 9 dollars...I never spend this much on 2 yards on fabric, but 
I had been eying this beautiful calico at our local Jo Ann fabric store, so I decided to splurge.(with a coupon:))  The lace and elastic for the sleeves was just stashed.  :)
Will I make this again ? Yes! I think with a few more alterations to the pattern I will have the perfect one!
How did the pattern work out ?  Well, I wear a medium in most clothes sizes/patterns so that is the size that I made. But it really is too billowy and will need to be taken in on the sides if I wanted to wear it untucked.....I also will probably make the sleeves even more different so they will not be sewn to the back as far in.

Over all I am so happy to now have this pattern to work with!

I was so happy when I (finally) found this pattern at a local thrift shop for just 25 cents!
 It was in perfect condition, never cut into, and all the instructions inclosed! yay!  :)

                                                           Brown Danskos: gift from mom
                                                           Striped socks: made my me
                                                           Slip: made my me
                                                           Jean skirt: thrift shop, $3
                                                           Brown floral tooled belt: $1! yay!
                                                           Green calico shirt: made by me
                                                           Brown leather headband: thrift shop, $1

 My 'farmer's tan' does not work out too well with the neck line.  Maybe wear my hair down ? :)

                   Yesterday we were able to get hay only about 15 minutes away from our house. It was a blessing to not have to drive too far and to buy it from someone we 'know'. We took two trips, with a total of 80 bales. This (should) last us till next spring.    Here are some pics we snapped while loading/unloading.

Ready to be filled!

                                                         The first of many to be stacked.

                                                These two are not related are they ?   :)

                                               Dad, and me stacking in the background.

                                 The little girls did a great job helping throw the bales down!

                                                    A great farm girl in the making!

                                                        "Many hands make light work!"
                                                                 Putting it to the test!  :)


                                                                   Getting up there!

                                             I think he had a little trouble with his baler...  :p

On to Rebekah's outfit!   We were able to get this great jacket at the bag sale that we mentioned before......So perfect for the coming fall!    I think she did a great job keeping it simple, but feminine!

                                                                 Rebekah's outfit:
                                                    Justin riding boots: gift from a friend from her rodeo days
                                                    Slip: made by me
                                                   Jean skirt: goodwill, $4
                                                   Gray undershirt: goodwill, $2
                                                   Green jacket: fill a bag sale
                                                   Green beaded hair clip: borrowed from me
                                                   Purple/gold butterfly necklace: made by Bekah

 Bek's hair style we found online from Shoshanna from  The Bulk Herb Store. She is so wonderful for finding all natural recipes and wonderful hard to find herbs!
  Make sure to take a look at her family's website too for amazing books and audios on everything with a Biblical view point! Us older girls adore the Pearl's Preparing to be a Help Meet  book! If you have not already read it, make sure to get from your library or buy it from their online store!
And don't forget to subscribe to their (free) by-monthly magazine! It is so amazing!     Anyway, here is the link for the hair-do!

We have had a successful couple of days!
                    We hope you have too!
                                    Have a great week!

                            How has your week been ?
                Have you ever heard of No Greater Joy/ read any of their books/magazines ?
          Have you finished sewing anything recently ?

Thanks so much for your comments!         


  1. I love love love your outfits, girls! I also love the hair. I tried to do the one on the last post, but I have really long and thick hair and it didn't work out so well. :-) brown danskos look so nice. I have some black ones, it takes a while to get used to walking in them!

  2. Hi Gabriela! Thanks! I know what you mean about the twist featured in our last post, my hair is too long for it too....:( But I love long hair! What is one style in hundreds right?! I am working on how I can make it work for me and will be sure to get a post up of it when I am ready!
    p.s. Have you ever when on Rapunzel's before ? It is run by a Christian girl who's whole sight is dedicated to her wonderful hair styles for long hair! I would have her button on our side bar but they dont make sure to look at it, she is amazing!

    1. Oh my word, really? I'll be sure to check it out! I am always looking for new styles for long hair! Long hair is the best. ;-) sometimes. Can't wait for your post! Thank you for the reference!

  3. My week has been busy!!
    Bobi haven't heard of them
    Hahaha I don't sew much I but my clothes already made
    How do you girls stack hay in skirts?!?

  4. It is not as hard as you may imagine.:) We either wear one that is tiered or a knee length one with leggings underneath. We did not do too much stacking this time around so that explains why Bek's skirt is a strait cut one. Hope that answers your question! Feel free to ask away!

    1. Do you always were legging under knee lengthy skirts?
      I alway feel restricted in a skirt

    2. It depends, but yes, we either were leggings or a slip.

    3. I've never worn a slip in my life! How do you find them?

    4. Well... If you go to thrift shops, then it would be fairly easy to find one there... But if you don't? We don't buy many brand new clothes, it's easier to make it ourselves or find it at a thrift store.

    5. I'm sure you could find a slip online... You could also try Walmart and Target, but those tend to be too straight or short. I love the slips GVS Distributors sells. They don't have a website but you can contact them at "GVS, PO Box 310, Versailles MO 65084" or call them @ 1-800-398-2494. They have slips that are both long and full.

      And full skirts really aren't restricting....

    6. I buys alot of used but I do lloke brand names used stores not a bunch of thrifts shops...
      Well Hannah idk how you can move in long skirts I struggle.... If I wear skirts/ dresses they usually come to my knee

    7. Thanks for the slip info Hannah! :) We'll probably check that out too! While I don't find skirts restricting at all (I can jog up to 5 m.p.h. on the treadmill in a 'straight down' skirt) I guess I can see how someone who hasn't worn them much could. :) ~Rebekah, an author of calico clodhoppers

    8. Really?! That's cool!!! Well idk but you can't do flips can you?

    9. Haha.....That really is not a daily task :)....But if you enjoyed doing that then you could easily do it in a flared knee length one with leggings under.

  5. Your hair is so pretty!!!! The ducks in your photos are so cute. Do they have names? One of these days i'm going to own a couple ducks. I love birds, I have 3 indoor birds myself. :) Great blog. Found you through Kellie Falconer's blog. :) Keep up the blogging.

    1. Thanks! The two ducks in the picture are Cheyenne and 'Fattie'. We have had up to 15 ducks at one time but right now we only have five. Their names are Naomi, Lavinia, Huddle, Cheyenne, and *Fattie. (*I named her that because when she was a duckling she got sick and the result is now she walks kinda funny... And she's sort of fat, hahaha...) Cheyenne is an indian runner, Fattie and Naomi are pekins, Huddle is a roune, and Lavinia is a muscovey/pekin. Hopefully you know what that even means... ;-) So, what kind of birds do you have?
      ~Rebekah, an author of calico clodhoppers

    2. Oh what lovely duck names. I just adore the name Huddle! One of these days I would love to have either some call ducks, pekins or some indian runners. But until then, I have to settle for feeding cracked corn to the ducks at our park. :) I have two cockatiels and a little parrotlet. They all love their heads scratched and cuddles.

    3. Sounds fun! ;-) We don't have any inside birds, but the Fattie has made a few trips in for a short visit! An inside rabbit, Saint Bernard dog, and Australian Shepherd is enough though! Thanks for commenting,Rebekah!



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