Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Devotional // Country Style


         Good afternoon everyone!  Our weekend was a busy one! On Saturday we had a fundraiser for our mission trip which led us to not attend our usual church services. We were so tired! Therefore I have no sermon overview to share with you'll. SO, I thought that I would share my devotional and an outfit that I wore to a picnic this past summer.

I have been reading the book pictured here and have really enjoyed it!
 Today's study is about loving others. That whoever loves God will seek to do good to all people. Here it is, all typed out for you! Hopefully you also will enjoy the writing as much as I!

This commandment have we from Him, That he who loveth God love his brother also. 1 John 4:21

                                                                                      He who loves God all else above,
                                                                                          His own shall also clasp
                                                                                      In circles ampler far of love
                                                                                         Than weaker arms can grasp;
                                                                                   And farther down through space and time
                                                                                   His sympathies descend and climb.
                                                                                                                  Sir Aubrey De Vere

"The true proficiency of the soul consists not so much in deep thinking, or eloquent speaking, or beautiful writings; as in much and warm loving. Now, if you ask me in what way this much and warm love may be acquired, I answer,- By resolving to do His will as often as occasion offers. Those who truly love God love all good wherever they find it. They seek all good to all men. They commend all good, they always acknowledge and defend all good. They have no quarrels. They bear no evil. O Lord, give me more and more of this blessed love! It will be a magnificent comfort in the hour of death to know that we are on our way to be judged by Him whom we have loved above all things. We are not going to a strange country, since it is His country whom we love and He who loves us."     
                                                                                             St. Teresa 

Isn't this a wonderful study ? It gives  you a bit of everything! Verses, poetry, and a brief talk from many wonderful people! So glad to have found it! 

 As I said, I wore this outfit to an afternoon picnic about a month ago. It was comfy and perfect for the occasion!
                                                       Straw hat: goodwill ?
                                                       Hat pin: antique sale, $3
                                                       Necklace: borrowed from mom
                                                       Brown undershirt: goodwill, $2
                                                       Green long sleeve: goodwill, $4
                                                       Jean skirt: thrift store years ago
                                                       Slip: made by me!
  Hope that you enjoyed this quick post and got some encouragement from my devotional!

Have you ever read through Joy and Strength before ?
Would you like me to share more of them ?
How was your weekend ? 
Leave a comment, I would love to know!


  1. Cassie I haven't heard of that devotional before. Thank you for sharing!
    Your outfit is lovely! I like the floral print on the shirt.


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