Friday, October 18, 2013

Green and Orange Accents for a Fabulous Fall

           Afternoon everyone!  This post was meant for yesterday, but after our van battery died on the way to help set up for a  birthday party the day just kept going that way. Like once a neighbor helped us and we all got to our destination the side door's hinge (finally) completely broke leaving all us back seated passengers climbing over the passenger seat the rest of the day. I am sure you all know what I mean!    *wink*  :)            We really wanted to take our pictures, well, outside. But it was too rainy and so cold! It truly smelled like winter! So we took these pictures at our grandparent's church after setting up for tomorrow's festivities!

                                                                                                                    My outfit:
                                                                                                                Tan Ariat flats: goodwill, $3
                                                                                           Brown/floral stockings: gifted from mom
                                                                                                                 Slip: made by me
                                                                                    Khaki green skirt: J Crew brand, goodwill, $4
                                                                 Orange cotton shirt: Banana Republic brand, fill a bag sale
                                                                     Jean jacket: Old Navy brand, hand-me-down from aunt

 I love jean jackets! Some may call it a homeschooler thing (especially with yee ol' jean skirt), I call it a wonderful fall staple!  ;)  I bought this skirt a while back and go in and out of wearing it. Lately I have been wearing it alot. I really love the vibrant green color! Love how it matched my stockings so well!

                                                                                                      Our youngest sister with Rebekah
                                                                                                              Rebekah's outfit details:
                                                                         Black shoes: Croft and Barrow brand, goodwill, $3
                                                                         Leggings, fill a bag sale
                                                                         Jean skirt: homemade, Local thrift shop, $1
                                                                         Orange undershirt: SO brand, fill a bag sale
                                                                         Green jacket: Sonoma brand, goodwill, $4
                                                                         Brass heart locket: friends antique store

                            These colors are always perfect for the beautiful season we are in. They are also my favorite colors which makes it even more delightful! The funny thing was that we did not even plan to match! :)  I come out of the closet and we just raise our eyebrows and grin.  :)
We may have a post for you all tomorrow, but if we do don't we will be getting our little farm ready for the coming winter and will talk to you dears this coming Monday!  ttfn!

                                                         Have you had any crazy catastrophes lately ?
                                                            What have you been wearing to keep warm ?
                                                               What colors do you prefer ?

                                           We love hearing from each of you!                       ~ Cassie

p.s.  Some of you may have seen some changes in our blog's design/set up this past week- please bear with us as we get stuff set up! Thanks! 


  1. You girls look cute and autumnal! I really like those colors together. My mom and I do the unplanned matching thing all the time. Hee hee. :)
    Have I had any crazy catastrophes lately? I am an absent-minded klutz, so there's usually some kind of mess being made. Today I nearly put baking powder in the cake instead of baking soda, but I was corrected before it actually got in there. ;)

    1. Well that's not nearly as bad as a few years ago (Actually 4 or 5) when I had just started cooking by myself. I was making frosting and put all regular sugar in instead of powdered sugar! It was horrible. :-) Well, thanks for commenting! ~Rebekah

    2. Jean jackets are very popular were I live girls Wear them to school all the time!
      How do you make jean skirts?

    3. Dear Anonymous, sometimes I use a pattern but other times I can simply lay a skirt out on top of my ready to use fabric and add seam allowance around- then cut out!
      If you have any other questions I would be happy to answer them!

  2. No catastrophes this, sometimes I amaze myself! ;D
    I love wearing my jean jacket! They're so versatile and perfect for autumn outfits:)
    And I must admit, I'm not very fond of the color orange, especially for wearing. I think it looks great on other people, but I don't like to wear it myself. My favorite fall colors are grey, brown, green, and plum.


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