Thursday, October 31, 2013

Thankful // Casual Outfit

               Happy Thursday everyone!
              I was thinking how we have not done any more simple outfit styles lately-SO, here is what
              I wore to our evening church services last night. I was planning on posting this
              yesterday, but the day got away from me- not to mention we were at church till I believe
              eleven talking! :P

 As you can tell it has been rainy here in the lovely Michigan, which is one reason we waited to put this post up- we were hoping it would clear up since the camera was having a terrible time focusing! We had way to much fun with this shoot! Imitating Singing in the Rain, 'hiding' behind our umbrellas as cars drove by, and slopping around in the wet leaves! :)

Red Danskos:gifted//Leggings: made by me//Brown skirt:fill a bag sale,?//Brown undershirt: thrifted,?//Tan shirt: thrifted, $3//
                                                                                               Moss green cardi: thrifted,$4// Tan cap hat: gifted

 SO, as I said I wore this to church last eve. I usually wear something simpler, most people just wear your typical tees and jeans, but this was a special meeting night, so I decided to wear a more 'outfit' outfit. :)

"A bright, happy soul, rejoicing in all God's gifts, seeing cause for thankfulness and gladness in everything, counting up mercies rather than trials, looking at the bright side, even of sickness, bereavement, and death- what a very foundation of goodness and love of Christ such a One He is! I remember one who, worn with sickness and sleepless nights did not seem interminable: "Oh no, I lie still, and count up my blessings!""

The former paragraph is from my devotional study today. Isn't it so well said ? How perfect for this thankful season we are coming so close to! Can you believe it ? Thanksgiving is soon approaching! Let's prepare our hearts for thankfulness for all our Lord has done for us!

                                                           What have you been up to ?
                                                           What little (or big) blessing has stuck out to you recently ?



  1. Love the outfit! My biggest blessing, this week at least, has been revival!

  2. Do you girls celebrate Halloween?

    1. No, we do not. I was actually thinking about doing a post about this!
      But, if you have any questions, please ask!


  3. I would be interested I why you don't if you don't mid sharing!


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