Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A FM Inspired Outfit

Hey y'all!  Today I thought that I would share a casual outfit and a couple of 'helps' in how to use an inspiration for an outfit of your own! Mine today is from Fresh Modesty. This is one of my all time favorite blogs for both Biblical insight and modest fashion ideas. Olivia is an amazing writer and a huge inspiration to me! Her blog is the very first one that I started following (since April) and has got me to where I am today in the 'blogging world'. Up till around six months ago I really never thought to look for on-line friends or any inspiration as far as thoughts on outfits etc. She is what got me going- since then I have found SO many more friends and have enjoyed it SO very much!

SO, this outfit of her's, I found via Pinterest while looking for ideas.I have tried and tried to find it on her actual blog and link back to the post, but no matter what I search for I can't.So just take in this pic. Sorry!
I have been searching high and low (in thrift stores mind you) for a shorter, natural waisted jean skirt.
Yesterday while 'thrifting around', I finally found one! This will be perfect for the summer. It is the. perfect. length that I have been in search of- covers knees while seated.Is not too tight at the thighs, and it does not have too much 'glamor' on the pockets! So grateful that I found it!

The rest of my outfit is just the regular, 'get it here get it there' kind of finds.  :)

On to the 'helps'. Most of this is just basic but we can all use a reminder every once in a while.And who knows, maybe I will bring something up that you have not thought of yet! :)
  • Once you find something that you like and think that you could easily repeat- if it is an online photo either 'Pin It' or bookmark the page. 
  • Sometimes I happen to come across something that I like,but don't want it on my Pinterest- like the picture is slutty or it refers to a blog/website that I do not want to represent, I will just scribble down the details- this is an example of one that I wrote just this week: Same colored tights and scarf, same shoes and skirt, with different colored cardi.
  • Remember that even if a piece of clothing does not meet your standards you can always supplement the differing piece. 
  • Once you know you really like something, 'pick it out' in your brain, thinking, I have a shirt that coordinates a lot like the one shown but I could use a **** and right it down to look for the next time you are out and about! Pretty soon you will have a replica of what you loved!   :)
  •  If you find an ad of something you like- rip out the page! Put it in a book or, I have even heard of some girls who tape them up in their closet! Get creative if you think that you would use it!


                                                                    Hopefully you all got some good ideas!
                                                                   I am so sorry for the terrible picture quality!
                                                   The sun has been going down so early we are not used to it yet!
                                                                       *Note to self: Take pictures before 5 o'clock!*        :)

                                                                                   Do you follow Fresh Modesty ?
                                                                         Do you do anything special to get 'idears' ?

                                                                                                    In Christ,


  1. Love the outfit! It has so many elements that I have been trying to incorporate into my wardrobe lately. I love hats, but I have to make sure they are roomy enough to not cut off circulation to my brain :) With one of my hats I made a slit in the back, and it worked out really well.
    What kind of thrift stores do ya'll have in Michigan? Here in Colorado we have Goodwill and the Arc. I've shopped there all my life and have become spoiled... whenever I go to the retail stores I can hardly believe how much clothes cost!!! Besides, thrift stores have more clothing items that I like than the malls do!
    I check Fresh Modesty for new posts almost every day. She has been a huge inspiration to me too! Go Fresh Modesty and Calico Clodhoppers, my favorite blogs ever :)

    1. What a lovely comment Natalie! Thank you!

      We also have Goodwill stores here. But we have others that are not nation wide- Bibles for Mexico, this is exactly what it sounds like all their profits supply Bibles for Mexico.We have two in our nearest 'bigger' town. :)
      Then just the mix and match ones- family owned- school supportive- mission stores.

      Thanks for your thoughts!
      I am so glad that you also are part of Fresh Modesty! :)


    2. Wow... the Bibles for Mexico thrift store sounds wonderful. What a wonderful way to shop! :)

  2. This is such a fun outfit! You did a great job modeling it after Olivia's photo (and yes, I do follow Fresh Modesty!). :) Congrats on finding the perfect jean skirt, too. ;)
    Thanks for the tips as well! As you saw in my post a couple of weeks ago, I like to look at photos of vintage gals for inspiration.

  3. Oh! I follow Fresh Modesty too!:)

  4. I really like this outfit, it's so nice and laid-back, yet really stylish too. ; )


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