Friday, November 22, 2013

~ A Tour of Our Room Decor ~

Hello, hello, hello!   Today was filled with getting a fund raiser (for mission trip) going and following the national Bible Bee with our live stream cast! It is so amazing to see all the young people compete! Their hard work for such a worthy cause is just! We had a few blogging friends who competed and many who attended.  Make sure to check it out!

SO, today we have a unique post to share with you- a  tour of our (Rebekah and my) room's decor!
Charlotte from The Boyer Family Singers did a post of her own room not too long ago and I requested if I could use her wonderful idea for a post of our own.  She is so sweet to comply with us!  You can view her post here. It was so fun to see what she did to make her space her own style. I am sure you will fall in love with their beautiful blog, glorious photography, and lovely writing! Make sure to give them a follow!

Rebekah and I worked up from the studs to have our room- dry-walling, painting, wall-papering, trimming, and yes, even our horrendous pink carpet.   :)  Up till about three years ago, all five of us kids  were in one room! We are currently on our second addition. Our home was one of a row of migrant houses in the 30's. My Dad has lived here for 22 years- we have never moved...just kept adding on to our once 550 square foot home!     :)
But, don't worry, I am just going to show you what we have done till now- in our room. I am sure if we make any changes we will send them your way!

So take this tour with us as we show you all our put together, uncluttered, style of vintage antiqueiness! :)

Here we have a jewelry armoire which we not only keep our jewelry in the top three smaller drawers but our headbands, hair accessories, (flowers and such) and barrettes in the bottom two larger drawers, that way we have all of our 'pretties' in one place.   :)
Then of course the things up top, brushes/comb, plain bobby pins, my Burt's Bees everything and a few antique necessities, shoe hook, talcum powder, perfume, etc...
                                                     This is what we have above on the left hand wall. Also a large mirror
                                                                                 which I neglected to take a photo of. Oops.
 Down below I have some old toys and a few dried flowers hanging, and also a large beehive my Dad found.   :)

This is our closet door. I added a few delicate baby/doll clothes to our all-ready wonderful (free!) door.
                     On either side of our closet are these shelves where we trade little things off and on.

                                                                                Just a few things we like by our door.

 I put an old tablet in the window part of our door- we write 'to do' lists or the events of the day on it.

An old pitcher with our umbrellas that are too old and tattered to be used. Among  other things.

 THIS is our main entrance door. Don't you love it!? Our Dad (since he is a builder) is always bringing things home from remodeling jobs- he got both of our doors for free! We were thrilled!
                                                     These are some of my bouquets of flowers from my 16th. birthday.
                                                     Note how I tacked a tin teapot to look like it was watering the roses.
 Change jar (mission fund) a copy of the Declaration and a large spear head that I found while digging the trench for our farm's water pump!    :)
                                                                                                  On top of our wardrobe.

                                                                                 What you see of our wardrobe upon entering.
                                                                     A bit of my nature collection.Yup, that is a real bumblebee!

                                                               My sewing corner, just about my favorite spot in the house!
                                                                                    And Daisy, my sewing machine.     :)
                              Pictures that hang over my sewing area: me, my grandmother, and a little sampler.
                                                                                        My sewing stock!

                                                                                                   Between the two..

                                                                                                           My bed frame.
                                                        Note how we put things behind the chair-rail. And more dried plants.   :)
                                                                                                      My hope-chest at the end of my bed.
                                                                                            Little junk pot of 'just in case' things.
                                                                                                      ~ Books ~
                                                                                                      My books.
                                                                                                     Note the crock.
                                                                                                    Our nightstand etc.

                                                                                                           Bek's bed.
                                                                                                            Above her bed.
                                                                                                           Note the 'ring' of keys.
                                                                                                  ...On the long wall by her bed...
                                                                                                                Bek's current books.
                                                                                                                Note the tin.
 This is a handy tip for you, I highly dislike cords hanging around- just gather them up and clasp with a clothespin!
                                                           On Rebekah's chest we keep our collection of antique books.

                                                                                                        On the window sills.

 We still have a few things to add, like curtains and replacing the knobs on the wardrobe, all in due time!

Well, I've got a long day tomorrow and since these pictures took SO long to upload I better hit the hay!

Hopefully we can squeeze in some time for the rest of the Bible Bee tomorrow!

                                                                I hope you all liked this post and got a few ideas!
Thanks again Charlotte for having such a fun idea and allowing us to use it! Many blessings to you dear!

                                                                                    Do you have any connections with the Bible Bee ?
                                                                                    How have you styled  your room ?
                                                                                    Have you done any building onto your home ?
                                                                                    Have you read any of the books shown ?
                                                                                    Make sure to let me know!
                                                                                                 ~ Cassie ~


  1. I love all the vintage things you have in your room, and your wrought iron beds! Maybe you've seen on our blog that Becca and I have found some beds like that for our room we share too. And we have our hope chests at the end of them just like you do. :) We are working on redoing our room right now, but this is a fun idea for a post.

  2. Your room has such a sweet vintage look! :) Thanks for sharing.
    I have recently been redoing my room too. Last year I got a new dresser and more recently I have gotten a new lamp, ottoman and have redone my bulletin board. I might do a post on it someday. ;)
    Yes, I do have connections with the Bible Bee. I know three sisters that are in it! :)

  3. Oh my goodness... your room is lovely!! I love all the antiques you have. Your sewing area is very impressive. How does a treadle machine work for you? Is it very much harder to use than modern sewing machines? I know this much... it's so pretty!
    I have my room decorated in a cottage-like style. The main colors are reds and warm yellows. I do a lot in my room, from sewing on my sewing machine to doing school at my desk. My window faces the Rocky Mountains, and on many days I can look outside and see Pike's Peak!
    I have to be going now, but God Bless!

    1. Thank you! :)

      No, I have had very little trouble with my machine since I got her about three years ago.
      I don't think that it is any harder to use once you are used to it- it is not hard to learn!
      A couple things about her is that you can only strait stitch- so even when you need to back stitch you have to lift the presser foot and turn the fabric around to do so.And every once in a while the tension gets messed up, but since I have been learning more about it it gets easier and easier and it isn't like that does not happen with modern machines! :) I love using it!

      Your room sounds wonderful! And your view- how amazing! :)

      Thanks for being patient for my replay!

  4. What a lovely room! And your sewing machine... enviable! You two certainly have a distinct, vintage/antique-y style to your room. Love it!

    The Middle Sister and Singer


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