Friday, November 8, 2013

Farm-sitting // Bazaar Weekend

As we mentioned in earlier posts, Cassie and I had the pleasure of being asked to watch our employer's farm while they were away on a short trip. (We work at Pleasant Hill Farm owned by John and Joan Van Voorhees. Joan is an author under her maiden name Donaldson, I thought you all would enjoy her books so HERE is a link to where y'all can check 'em out!)

                                                          So, on with the post!

                                               This is the room Cassie and I shared.
                           The beautiful Ellington Grand Piano that I had the pleasure of playing.

                                                                My accompaniment.

                             It was stormy the first whole day, so the cats had to stay inside.

 Some of the last flowers this year. (They are from a special field planted with blossoms for the honeybees each year...)

                                                                         All our stuff.

                                                     The spinning wheel in our room...

                     Our favorite shoes; Ariats, Danskos, and good old fashioned muck boots!

                                                        Cassie reading in the parlor... 

As you can see, I am not very far into learning more difficult songs, but I enjoy playing what I can, and as they say, practice makes progress! (At least that's what we say...)    ;-)

                                                                 (Merlin, Joan's Corgi)

                                                              A barn kitty, I love mitten paws!

                                 (This goat 13 years old and they've been milking her for ten years!)


                                                                    One of the oxen, Henry.

                                                                     The watering trough.

                                                          Me (Bekah) going into the stable.

                                                                             Buck grazing.



                                                                                 The barn.

                                                                           The oxen yoke.

                                  Buck messing around, as cute as a 2,000 pound animal can be!

                                 The sheep pasture, in which there are currently no sheep.  :-)

                   Above and below: the BIG barn. ;-)    This is where the annual barn dance is held.   
                                                      (This is earlier in the summer though.)

                                                                              The porch.

                                   This is me in what I wore to the bazaar.   (Sorry, it's so blurry!)

So, that concludes the pictures from the farm, and next I'm going to show you some of the things we bought at the "Garage Sale Room", and elsewhere.   ;-)

                       This beautiful dried flower wreath already found a place on our bedroom door!

I know this doesn't look very exciting, but those tapes are a collection of ALL the Shirley Temple movies!

                                                                  Old and new technology!

 Yay!!! Swiss Family Robinson, Ferdinand, and Andy the Lion, what more could you ask for? Maybe some square dancing! (That's what's on the 45!)       ;-)

                                                             A really nice clock for a quarter.


                      A crocheted hat for Melody (little sister). Hopefully she doesn't see this on here!
                                 (I am hoping to copy the pattern and make a green one for myself!)

                                                                 A vintage stocking.
                                                          A handmade picnic basket.

                                                               A collection of sewing stuff!

                                                                    These quilt 'squares'.

                                  A bag of scraps- with manual!   (Sorry, the photo wouldn't turn.)

              This 1940's era sewing tips book might have been the best find, it's full of knowledge!
                                                                  (Here are some samples.)

                        While this is not all we got, I'm afraid it's all I've got time to show you.  :-(
Today, the rest of the family headed to town with plans of going to another bazaar, so maybe some of those finds will find there way on to here sometime in the future! ;-)   I stayed home to write this post, clean up around the house and listen to the new records!
                                     And, I watched "The Littlest Rebel", starring Shirley Temple!

                                                (Sorry for the windows in the picture)   :-p

Well, this took quite some time to post. Mostly because the photos would not download correctly, but- I finally got it done!   We had a great time watching the farm and hope you enjoyed our pictures! Hopefully our bargains will encourage you to be thrifty!  (*Note: all prices shown in pictures are not what we payed. By the time we got there it was half-price hour!)    ;-)

                                                     SO...what kind  of  stuff have you found cheap lately?
                                                                              What kind of livestock or pets do you own?

Again, I hope you enjoyed your glance of Pleasant Hill Farm, and I hope you look into buying one of Joan's books, my favorite is probably "On Viney's Mountain".  They're a great read! 

                                                                                     God bless,


  1. Those are such fun finds from the sale! How awesome to find a 1940's sewing manual too!

    The Middle Sister and Singer

  2. I loved your pictures!
    Could you do a post on Halloween ?

    1. Thank you! We will work on that- soon!
      Thanks for your interest!


  3. You work on a farm? I would love to do that! About all I do now is feed my chickens!
    I saw that you followed my blog, Thanks so much! I love you girls' blog! Do you guys have any tips/comments?

    1. Dear Ellie, yes we do! We grade blueberries (pick out the bad etc.) in the summer...and help out with differing things at Pleasant Hill! It has been a huge blessing and learning experience! It is great that you have chickens! :)
      I am so glad that you enjoy our blog! I was so happy to find yours (via.A Girl After God's Own Heart)! Looks like it is going to be a new favorite!
      I would say the MOST important thing is to have a schedule. No matter if you post 1 time per week or everyday- it is huge to have consistency! We too are just staring (July) out! There is alot to learn!Feel free to ask any questions that you may come across! We are also inching our way forward into our 'final' setup!
      Thanks for commenting!

      In Christ, Cassie

  4. What a delightful farm to house sit! Merlin is a most excellent name for a dog;)
    Those are some great finds from the bazaar!

  5. Oh my her farm is the thing of my dreams!

    1. I know! We love working there! Thanks for checking our blog out Aunt Wendy! ;-)


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