Wednesday, November 6, 2013

DIY // Adding to Bobbies

Hello, hello!  Thought that I would share about how I personalize some of my favorite accessories- bobby pins! :) With just a few pretty things these already treasured 'musts' will become glorious!This is such a classy way to put a little togetherness in your outfit! I personally do not like wearing jewelry a lot, this is the perfect compromise- feminine, classy, vintage, orderly, all that good stuff! Without further ado, here are three ways to glamorize your bobby pins! 
             Simply wire pearls onto bobbypins- remind me to do this!
I found this^ idea via Pinterest. All you do is use wire to attach a pearl (or any bead) to the very end! Once they are ready for use the bobby is hidden, leaving only the pearl to be seen! So pretty!
                                                               Here are a few things that I used...

Instead of using wire, as shone in the first picture, I sewed my pearls on the first few.The pictures are pretty self explanatory so I will not go into any specific details.
                                                         Just ask if you have any questions! :)

                          Same style, different method, using a light weight wire to secure pearl into place.

This next way, is by using shank buttons.Yup, this was my own thought-up idea! Yay for me! :)
This is how I made the ones that I wore on Sunday. You simply take a bobby pin and stick one end through the shank of the button and hot (I used high temp; either is fine) glue around it and inside of the shank to secure!

                                                              And the last is SO simple.Are you sure you need to know ?
                                                              Choose your trinket and glue on the top of the end! :)
And here we are! There are three simple ways to dress up bobbies, to add the finishing touches to your outfit and beautiful do!

   Thanks to my little sis for modeling my new creations in the midst of her busy playing schedule. :)

                                                                     Have you been crafting anything of late?

      Alrighty, Bek and I are heading out to house/farm sit, so I best skidaddle! Hope you are having a good week!


  1. LOVE these ideas!! I'm addicted to bobby pins.

  2. How fun! I am going to try to make them and I'll tell you how it went! (I am sure my mom will love them...she has never liked my sister and I wearing "undressed" pins/clips on our hair! haha) ;-)

  3. Such a fun craft! Thanks for sharing it!


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