Monday, December 9, 2013

Outfits // Black + Blue with Bits of Red

 Happy Monday dears! This weekend I got some personal sewing done (post, soon to follow) and helped out with the children's class at Church. Consequently, I am sorry to say that I am not prepared to share a summery of our sermon (again) this week, but what little cost compared to teaching the motions to Jesus Loves Me, right? I have been requesting a c.d. copy of the sermon, so I should be able to get a post up of it this week! I would still love to hear about what your teaching was about!
I will get back in my custom Monday posting soon-promise! :)

Ohh, these red tights. After reading/seeing this and this, from some of my favorite blogs, I knew the fun was just beginning the day I had thrown them in my bag the day of the great 'bag sale'. I have been racking my brain on  how to wear them.Surprisingly they go with alot and bring fabulous color to everything! :)
I will have to share a couple more ways I have worn them thus far. But, if you like the way I styled these and you want to see more fun and modest ways to wear these bold, festive lovelies, make sure to have a look at the links above.
I finally put this together with my mid-calf calico skirt that was one of my very first garments I concocted myself. I think that it turned out fairly well- it was so much fun to wear and got me in the Christmasy spirit. And yes, black and blue- I think that if you wear these colors correctly together they can be bearable. :) As long as your outfit has a together-ness about it- at least two items that resemble each-other- it should be good to go! :)

 Shoes, goodwill, $3 // Tights, thrifted, .50 // Slip, made by me, $2 // Skirt, made by me, .75 // Undershirt, thrifted, $2 //
 Shirt, Sam's Club clearance, $4 ? // Hair comb, Hobby Lobby, two pack, $2 // headband, thrifted, .50

Hi y'all it's Bekah!  I was a bit un-inspired about picking out my clothes after (On Sunday morning) I tried on what I had already picked out and found that it... did not look as I pictured it. SO, I went a little crazy (For me anyway) and chose to wear a jean jacket to church. (In our family we never wear jean to church, a long time ago my Mom decided it was just too casual...)   But she said it was fine this time and I proceeded to mix and match the rest of my outfit.   I think it turned out fairly well for having 15 minutes before it was time to go!   ;-)   It helped that I just wore the matching hat and my hair was already done the night before...

 Shoes, thrifted, $1.40 // Slip, homemade // Skirt, thrifted, Faded Glory, $4 // Undershirt, thrifted, $2 // White shirt, thrifted, had    forever // Jean jacket, Cassie's, hand-me-down from an aunt :) // Hat, Cassie's, had forever, gifted

I wore this skirt HERE. That post seems like a long time ago! Well, winter has completely settled in now!   Fortunately I haven't had to shovel the driveway. (Yet!)     At this time I am a bit upset because I was going to add a cute photo of our pony, Havah, in the fresh snow, but the computer is being very uncooperative so I am now giving up that endeavor. 
Well, I hope y'all are settling in to the cold as good as I am, actually better!  Hahaha...  I'm handing it back over to Cassie now, ttfn! 

We hope that you all had a great weekend! And that you have not been caught  up in any of these sicknesses that have been flying around! Keep on chewing the vitamin C's!  :)

                                                                                      What was your sermon on ?
                                                                    Do you have any Christmas specials coming up ?
                                                                                        Have you worn red tights ?


P.S.  Has anybody watched the new Blimey Cow this week? It is a great one! Make sure to watch it here.
        Do we have any fans of Blimey Cow out there?  Have you ever watched them before ?
                                                            Let us know what you think!



  1. I like both of your outfits! :D Fun use of red tights, Cassie.
    This Sunday our sermon was on the parable of the house built on the rock and how we need to have the foundation of Christ. Next week, our little church choir will be performing a Christmas cantata (Mom and I sing in it). :)
    And I did watch the latest Blimey Cow. It was good! :D

  2. Blimey Cow fan checking in!! Makes my Monday more enjoyable :) And what I appreciate about Jordan, is how he works in some great points and food for thought into his vids...

  3. Lovely outfits!! And I love both of your pairs of shoes. They're so cute and vintage-y. :)
    I was wondering, which of you is the elder sister?

    1. Thanks for your inquiry! :)
      I, Cassie, am the eldest. We have wondered before if we should sign off in a way that identifies that....Also, check out our 'About Us' tab!


    2. Thanks for answering! :) I did read your "About Us" page, thanks.
      I was also wondering, what are your thoughts on makeup? I've noticed you seem to wear a little...or maybe you just have naturally red lips! :)

    3. Thanks for awaiting my reply!
      I do wear some makeup.I use alot of natural products.But, my thoughts on it in general are- as long as it is not over done, like tons of eyeliner etc. I think that it is fine for covering blemishes and enhancing your natural beauty-while being moderate about it of-course.I try to give myself about five minutes tops, just so that I don't stress it or get crazy over it. :)
      We are all made the way God wanted us to be so we shouldn't try to change ourselves for the world- just be presentable. :)
      Feel free to ask anything else in reply!


    4. I agree with you, my makeup is kept to a bare minimum, especially since I'm only 15. When I'm older, I might wear a little more, but I think we should always use makeup as an accessory, to accentuate our natural beauty. Not to try to look like a different person, as so many girls seem to do!
      Thanks for answering my question! :)

  4. Hi Cassie and Rebekah! On Sunday, we heard the Christmas story. I loved it! No matter how many times I hear the story of Christ's birth, it never gets old! How thankful I am that Jesus came to die for us.That is the greatest gift we could ever recieve.
    I too watch Blimey Cow. I did like their last was very good and truthful! Another youtube video channel that I like is Jostie Flicks... have you seen them? They are very funny and clean. To top it all off, they are homeschooled!!!
    I think ya'll are very punctual on your blog... you keep your readers up to date. I haven't written on my blog for a week, but I'll be putting a new post out soon! You inspire me to keep posting :)
    God Bless,

    1. Hey Natalie! Thank you so much for your wonderful comments! I am so glad to know that we have been an inspiration to you!

      I have just found about Jostie Flicks so we have not watched them alot. And personally, I do not enjoy them half as much as Blimey Cow-yet- but, like I said, we have just discovered them so that might easily change as we get to know them. ;)


  5. Wonderful outfits girls! I love both of your girl's shoes, Cassie's especially. And I think your outfit certainly turned out great Rebekah, especially considering the fact that you had such a short amount of time. Great work! And Cassie, the red tights worked beautifully. I myself don't own red tights, but I agree with you, and my sister Charlotte, that colored tights can certainly help an outfit a lot!
    Blimey Cow is hilarious!!! We were introduced to it a few months ago, and have been hooked ever since.

    Blessings in Him,

    The Middle Sister and Singer


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