Friday, December 6, 2013

The Finishing Touches // Gift Wrapping

Hey y'all!
As I have been reading through my blog dashboard this week, a lot of my fellow bloggers have put lists of gift ideas together, inspiring people to find a lasting, thoughtful gift for that "hard to buy for" person. Not to mention being thrifty while doing so! But, what do people see first is how the gift is presented, the wrapping. This, for me, sometimes, can be more delightful than the treasure inside! There are so many beautiful packaging ideas. The thought that was put into it can be part of the gift, something you can create your self, even if the item is not.

The past couple of months I have come across some super fabulous ideas, so to get in the spirit of things, here I am to share them with you! If you are anything like me, you want your gift to stand out to the person who is recieving it, and bring their style right into the gift. For me it is shabby, vintage, details. SO, as you look through, remember that changing a color or product can give a whole new look to the finished result.
                                      newspaper and doily gift bags for the family at Christmas
This idea can really be personalized by the shape of the cutout. I really like the thought of using newspaper to stencil onto! And, if you could bring yourself to do it, an old book?
This is such a great idea! Being both a sewer and crafter, this is right up my ally! I will be using this for some of my smaller gifts for sure! Love this! There are so many shapes you could make!

This is also a neat idea. Make sure to keep your eyes out for tattered maps while thrifting this season!
Perfect for Dads and brothers!  :)
                                                       How do you make your gifts bring delight to the eye ?
                                                                             Which idea do you like the best ?
                                                      Do you think you will use them this Christmas season ?


P.S.  Oh, happy fiftieth post!  We are so blessed by all of you! We have made many kindred spirits among
        you! :)  Hoping to bring many more posts your way, filled with the joy of Christ!


  1. Those are amazing ideas! Too bad all my present are already wrapped! :( Maybe I'll re-wrap them...

  2. These ideas are so much fun! I recently bought some books for my 5 year old niece and I had no gift wrapping paper. So...I used one of the 'bajillion' brown, grocery paper bags that I have at home (wrapped it inside out, so the store's name couldn't be seen). Then, I wrote her name in a fancy cursive and placed a ribbon around it! ;-) Just another idea.

  3. Great ideas! I always have a hard time shopping for my dad, but this year I ordered a personalized of those websites where you can design it yourself... and did "10 Rules for Courting my Daughter." I think he'll love it!

  4. Great ideas!

  5. These ideas are so fun! I think I like the one on top best. :) I haven't wrapped any gifts yet, so now I have ideas!
    In our house, we often just use whatever we can find, but make sure it looks pretty. Paper bag is fun to use, because it's easy to find,can be decorated in so many way (like letter stickers and paper snowflakes) and also has a shabby, vintage look.

  6. Very clever ideas! I really like the paper doilies attached to the gift bags. : ) I'll have to keep that in mind.



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