Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Why hello strangers! As I am sure you have guessed we have been extremely busy! But what have you guessed? "Hmm..... Cassie was at an Estate Sale, and as she was striving toward a room with vintage sewing this and that, her foot miserably caught the crook of an antique scythe and she fell to her fate of a twisted ankle and unspeakable wounded pride. Leaving Rebekah no choice to be at her beck and call."
  Though the crazy telling is that of fiction, the story of our absence does have that to do with that of an estate sale. You see, from time to time our family will take the time to run them when the opportunity arises. This one however, we were given very short notice and very little time to prepare for.If you have ever assisted with the task of running one yourself or have attend one as a patron, you know or can imagine the amount of work that is required for such a task! No more explanation needed.This is what we have been up to and what has kept us at bay from you, our devout readers and friends.

This sale was that of a past artist. He had many paintings and supplies for his art.
We were not the only ones who were pressed for time.The house was sold and the new owners expected to take  possession just weeks later, leaving the family frantic for help. We were not only blessed to be a blessing, but were abundantly rewarded financially after the sale- bringing our dream home just a bit closer to reality.
The large items are hard enough to investigate and price, let alone the this and that! After gathering a basket of the irritable, never ending smalls, we packaged them in Ziplocs to price as a package deal.
This is the work room nearly complete. The table was covered before with crocks of dried clay, projects  in the process, piles of saw dust, etc. The general work-shop clutter. 
Our brother's friend was able to come and assist one day.What a perfect job for young lads! 
We kept them busy!
Among the treasures of the owner's estate was a collection of doll house miniatures.They were amazing! This is one of the many tiny pieces of artwork that was on display in a house that was sold (years ago) for charity for a gracious amount.There were cups no bigger than my finger nail. A grandfather clock that held the exact time and light bulbs for the electric lights! It was like a world that had not been touched for ages yet so like the one we live in and admire.

The pictures that I am sharing don't show much more than an eye sore and of the work in process. Many hands make light work is true yet it also adds a lot more stuff to gather at the end of the day! We are still recovering the house over here...cleaning bathrooms sweeping floors the usual.......Just a little worse than the norm. :)

           But we were very blessed to help out and work as a family in our pressed for time endeavor.

                                            "Let all things be done decently, and in order."
                                                               1 Corinthians 14:40

How have you been?
Does your family run a business?
What have you done last week?

In Christ
the Elder sister and Writer

P.S. Please note that our absence from our own blog has not only been because of our large project.
     Our computer has had some problems to boot! So, though we have had access to the internet,
it is not much fun to copy and paste each and every comma and period in place! We have had many wonderful reads this past week and a half from your blogs. Be assured we will be back to our regular commenting in the (hopefully) near feature! 


  1. Wow, it does sound like you've been extremely busy! I'm glad that everything went well for you though. :)
    Also, I hope that your computer issues get fixed soon! It will be fun to see you in the blog world again. ;)

  2. Huzzah for the funds towards your building of your dream home! That sounds fantastic! I bet the thought of that has carried your family through the thick of this busy time! Girls, just to let you know, I admire your selfless, hardworking characters you ceaselessly display in the lovely stories of your lives! It make me want to work hard for the end of being a greater blessing to all who are around me! Thank you for sharing this with all of us! Is this not one of the more important things that is apart of the Christian Blogging World: to encourage and build one another up to the best we can within the short breath of our lives?

    May The Lord go with you in everything you do! And may you always strive to the end of bringing Him All of the glory!

    Blessings to you this day!


    The eldest sister & singer

  3. Wow, you guys have been busy! But helping at an estate sale sounds like fun, and I love that little dollhouse desk! That's so cute!

  4. Jessica's comment completely echoes my own. You girls are such hard-working, lovely ladies and I'm so happy to have met y'all through the blog'osphere! Thank you for being such amazing role models for fellow ladies. :)

    The estate sale sounds very fun and interesting, other than getting injured! And what a cute little desk. :)


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