Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Icey Waters

Hi all!  This will be just a short post with some pictures that I took before Christmas at Lake Michigan. It was very misty and cold resulting in some sort of blurry pictures but, I hope y'all enjoy seeing some 'Michigan iceburgs'! 

Peter walking


A mysterious hoof mark on the beach


The ice mountains were at least 10 feet tall!

Wind had blown sand over the deep snow resulting in this!

How is the weather going where you live? Right now we are having a heat wave- almost 35 degrees!  (It was just warm enough a few days ago to start making slush out of the 2 feet of snow that did not melt in the rain last week--- making it extremely hard to muck out 2 barns and push the wheelbarrows back to the manure piles!)   Thanks for reading!
                                                                       What undesirable jobs have you had carry out lately?
                                                        Have you ever seen Lake MI in winter-time?



  1. WOW! That is so cool! :D

  2. That looks so amazing! Here in Texas, we have had 70 degree weather for most of the winter. I miss the snow!


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