Saturday, January 4, 2014

It's Finished Vol. 3 || The Destination Skirt from Fresh Modesty

 Hey everyone! This week....has been long, hard and sorry to say, stressful. For a few different reasons that I am unable to post publicly, but I know Who is above it all. I know He will always be there.
Jesus' faithfulness is never ending and sovereign. 

SO, here is is- my big, long awaited project! I had been wanting to purchase Fresh Modesty's  (Olivia's) 'How To Sew Denim'  e-book ever since I started following her blog last March. The skirts she makes always fit wonderfully and and lay effortlessly flattering. :) I am in such a debt to her for hours of work she put into this amazing handbook!
Once I finally got around to printing it out and had read through it I was ready to begin! I had never installed a fly before, but with Olivia's easy-to-understand-and-follow instructions it was so easy! No lie! :)

The e-book includes two complete patterns, plus instructions in case you need to draft your own. For starters, I made the shorter version of the two wide waist-banded skirts. The Destination Skirt. I thought it would be smarter to try everything out on a smaller amount of fabric in case there were complications.

This is how hard it was snowing when we took the pictures!

 As you can see, I ran out of fabric for waistband. But since I bought the entire skirt piece (which was just enough) for only .50 at a thrift shop, I was indeed a happy camper! Plus, it will only show if I tuck in my shirt, (it's not like this will be the only time I make this skirt) so I decided not to worry about it.

                                                For the top stitching I used gold thread.

                       Boots, borrowed from Rebekah // Stockings, thrifted, .50 // Skirt, made by me, .50 // Undershirt, ? // 
                                                                          Flannel shirt, thrifted ? // Bandanna, gifted

Harvey was being particularly photogenic today, and a little calmer than usual, so I had him in a few pictures with me. (He is usually running around the yard at full speed, flinging snow and dirt behind him!)

 I do have a few things that I want to make sure improve for my next time making this style. As pictured above, the side-seam of the waistband's stitching was not perfectly tensioned- want to make sure to correct that.

 Here, I want to be a little more precise...The one side of the zipper tape needed to be caught up in the stitching a little more and the top stitching got a little messy on the front of the waistband. Other than that I am so happy with it!

 The top stitching around the fly.
 This is how I finished up the bottom hemming.

                                                             Well, what do you think ?!
                                        I cannot wait to make the longer version with pockets!

                                                               I would like to know, if:
                                                                 You ever put in a fly?
                                                               You been sewing of late?
                                                 You have ever used an e-book for sewing?
                                                 You own any of Fresh Modesty's e-books?

                                                               Many blessings dearies!
                                                              the Elder sister and Writer


  1. That looks great, Cassie! I myself have wanted to try Olivia's skirt patterns. Maybe I will soon because it's so hard to find jean skirts that are both flattering, modest, and cute. :)
    Your dog is adorable!

  2. Wonderful job! You did great for your first fly zipper! I've actually done two fly zippers before. One, I helped Charlotte figure out how to install one (even though I had never done it before :P), and the second one I actually did it myself on a pair of pants that I made for my Dad.I haven't been sewing for myself lately, mostly alterations for some friends. We have used Fresh Modesty's swimsuit e-book before, and LOVE IT! It helped me to get comfortable with drafting my own pattern so I could make an even more customized pattern later.

    Blessings in Him,

    the Middle Sister and Singer

  3. Woohoo, good job on the cute skirt! :)
    The snow certainly looks beautiful....and COLD! Harvey is cute too! ;)

  4. It looks great and so does the outfit!

  5. Hi! I'm sorry that ya'll had a tough week! I'll be praying for you.
    I have not used any of the Fresh Modesty ebooks, but I am seriously considering it! I haven't done any sewing in the past few months, but I am knitting a pair of socks as a late Christmas gift for my sister. I have never inserted a fly, but I would love to learn!
    God Bless!

  6. You did a great job! I love Olivia's skirts! Wish I could sew better!
    And to answer your question, I watch Doctor Who, love it in fact! I just
    Won't wear t shirts or anything lol!
    A modest fashion blog:

  7. That is a cute skirt!

    I am praying for you and your family and whatever you're going through. Last week was hard for my family, too.... My grandma was admitted to the hospital on Sunday, and she passed away on Wednesday. I'm so thankful for grace and peace from Christ.

    1. Thanks for your prayers Hannah! We will be praying for your family in your time of grief. ~Rebekah


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