Monday, January 27, 2014

It's Finished (Vol.4) | How to Make an Apron Style Tichel out of a 'Dress'

Hi ladies! As I assumed would happen, our worship services were cancelled yesterday. Leaving no outfit to share with you today, and I, with yet another afternoon for sewing.

SO. I am sure you all have seen dresses like the one shown below.The little dress/tunic kind that always, beyond a doubt, have a small amount of fabulous fabric incorperated into them. If you are like me you have probably thought "This fabric is gorgeous, but what could I make out of it...There is hardly anything to work with!"

                  Well, since I had all day yester-eve, I pulled out my pattern basket to put together a list of fabric for future projects and my small stack of clothes to repurpose. Amongst the pile was this 'dress' my mom found a month or two ago at a thrift store to make something out of- look at the fabric combo- too cute to pass up! When it hit me- the shape is perfect for a apron style headscarf. I know, just crazy since I have been such a nut about scarves lately. :)

For those of you who know I have been talking about coverings this past week, I am sure you know the style, but just in case (I don't want you to have no idea of what we are making) so here is a finished one.It is basically the shape of a small apron, hence the name.This one is slightly folded, but you get the idea.
To see how neat these look worn click here.
So now you know the shape that we will be creating so you may not even need this little walk through...It is fabulously easy! Here we go with my method.

                                               First cut off the front (or back) of the dress and the ties along the seams.

The dress I was using has a neat little strip of contrasting fabric at the hem which is perfect for this project. You want to fold and pin that back if it is too wide for your taste.

Next, measure from where you want your covering to lay (the top of your hair line) to the back of your neck plus about 2-3 inches. For me this was 18" with SA.
Your next measurement will be around the crown of your head plus 1" for SA. For me this was 24".

You now should have a slight square of 18" (from your hair lie to the middle of your neck +SA) by 24" (the measurement all the way around your head.)

                                                           Now you are going to iron everything down.

My ties were 35" long which I did not do any measuring for....they turned out to be the perfect length.
This is where the style can get really pretty.Pin lace (or anything you like) down the ties so that when you lay the ties over your head they lay accordingly.

                                                   Serge or create a small hem around the three raw sides.

                                                      Pull through the ends as usual if you are serging.

Top stitch the part you folded over for the crown.You could also add the lace and flounces now if you want them along the top also.Just lay lace from end to end and sew! This is how most of them are made.It looks so radiant!

                                                                     This is how it should now look!
To put it on (I will do a video tutorial later) take the scarf over your head so that the crown is where you want the edge to lay and the ties hanging over the front of your shoulders.Throw the ties over your shoulders and cross them in the back over the hanging (apron skirt) part.Bring the ties over your head and back down.Tie them and tuck everything under!

                      And there you go! Hopefully this gave you some inspiration and benefited you!
                                                          Did this help some of you out?
                                             Was your Church service cancelled yesterday?

                                                         the Elder sister and Writer 

p.s. For those of you who were waiting for my sewing project I wrote of last week, this is by no means        taking it's place. I will still be sharing that project. I can't wait!



  1. Cassie,

    I was wondering if you ladies wear headcoverings to church.


    1. Sarah,
      To answer your question, no, we do not wear head-coverings to church. We are not (As of now) convicted on this matter, but are hope to encourage those who do feel they should wear a covering. Thanks for commenting! ~Calico Sisters

  2. That is very cute! I really like the pattern of the dress! I love to take clothing and re-purpose it! I usually take my old dresses that are too short and turn them into skirts.
    Very cool tutorial!

  3. Hi. I was wondering what kind of church you go to. I'm Non Denominational with a Pentecostal (that is a hard word to spell) flare, so I probably wouldn't wear it for church :) but it is a cute pattern. Good job!

    1. Hello....To answer your question, we are Pentecostal.
      We go to an Assembly of God church.

      Calico Sisters

  4. Great post! It is so nice to find you two like-minded ladies. I happen to find you via Pinterest whilst searching for head coverings. I have followed your blog. God bless you two :)

  5. Love this. I have been convicted on headcoverings, partly. The only thing I'm still hung up on is that my hair is short, so I'm really not covering my glory, but if the command was to cover my head to show the natural God-given order, then I would still need to cover. But then the passage in 1 Corinthians 11 speaks of it being a dishonor to my husband and me if I don't cover but then later, the translation I'm using says, "if" it be a dishonor. Well, it isn't a dishonor to us. But should it be? If I'm not obeying a scriptural command, then I'm not doing as Christ asked. It's very confusing, especially when scholars can't agree.

  6. I've been wearing a straw cloche hat to church for about a year now, and have started wearing it whenever I got out shopping, too--I think tichels look fabulous, and want to make one and start wearing it around the house. Thank you for such a through tutorial!.


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