Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Adieu to Twenty-Thirteen || Outfits

Hey everyone! The end of the year, can you believe it!? In some ways I think that this year has dragged on and on and in other ways it seams like there is no way we are entering 2014 tomorrow!

Our usual Monday post was (obviously) postponed until today because we had a birthday in the family! One of our little sisters turned ten, so we had a dinner party to celebrate! There was dinner to prepare, a disastrous house to clean, and appointments in the morn. Therefore I will be posting our Sunday's attire later in the week.
I hope that you all had a great weekend! I am so exited to share the project that I completed over this weekend! But, that will be held in another post.  :)

I am sporting some Christmas gifts today ladies! My mom gave me these fabulous clogs. A few photos down shows the cute floral design on the side of heel...so me. :)  And Rebekah presented me with both the unique jean skirt and the plaid jacket. It was very comfortable for our long errend-running day.
I really love all three pieces ... They know me so well.  :)

Shoes, J-41 brand, gifted // Stockings, thrifted, .50 // Slip, made my me // Skirt, gifted // Undershirt, thrifted, .50 // Plaid jacket, Aeropostale, gifted, (From Rebekah) // Headband, thrifted, .50 // Feather hair clip, craft show, two-pack- $4
These pictures turned out wonderfully! They were taken at our Aunt's house...or barn, rather. :)

Rebekah is also wearing a Christmas gift. This sweatshirt fits her perfectly! It was given to her by another Aunt at our family's (mother's side) Christmas gathering. She was thrilled ..... she also has another style in mind for it. This was an easy outfit for dropping off our goat (we only own one at this time) to get bred (we used our Aunt's Alpine buck) and then running around town. But, what she has in mind for the next time we feature it will be more of a guide for 'how to wear a sweatshirt without looking like a slop' post. :D We will probably share that toward the spring...perfect weather for sweaters, and still being able to show a little leg at the same time.   :)  This will not be the only time you see this nice n' girly country essential.  

 Boots, Ariat brand, gifted // Leggings, Fred Meijer, $5 // Slip, homemade // Skirt, thrifted, $4 // Undershirt ? // Sweatshirt, Realtree brand, gifted // Headband gifted // Scrunchy, made by Rebekah (crocheted)

                                                           Rebekah with our Aunt's black lab, Barkley.

Even though we did not start our blog till July of this year, we have had a great experience thus far!
Thank you all for your encouragment and advice!
Lord willing, we look forward to many more years of blogging!

This next year, our resolutions for the blog include:
A custom design.
Better photography.
And hopefully, reaching more people!

Are you looking forward to anything special this next year?
Have any resolutions?
Did you get any fun clothes for Christmas ?

On behalf of Calico Clodhoppers


  1. What adorable outfits! That plaid jacket is fantastic and looks so well on you!

  2. Your jacket is very cute Cassie! You girls do a good job putting your outfits together. I can't wait to see Rebekah's post about Sweatshirts!
    Hmmm... Not anything particularly special to look forward to next year... yet! I never do any New Year's resolutions, because I know I probably will end up not keeping them. ;P
    As for fun clothes for Christmas, all of us girls got a new pair of glittery performance shoes, and I also got two lovely vintage hats!

    Have a Happy New Year
    the Middle Sister and Singer

  3. Such cute outfits! I especially like the plaid peacoat!

  4. What lovely gifts! I especially like your jacket, Cassie.
    1) I'm looking forward to the author I'm illustrating for taking our work to a writers' conference this month. :) 2) I don't make resolutions, but there are things in my life I want to work on. 3) Yes! Tights and socks and jewelry and a hair accessory! :D

  5. Happy New year, ladies!
    Both your outfits are very cute! I'm a sucker for casual skirt outfits- as
    Evidenced by my daily outfits! Lol!
    Thank you for all your sweet comments on my blog!
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  6. Oooo - LOVE the old barn backdrop! Of course you girls are super cute too!


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