Friday, January 31, 2014

Photo-a-Day//January//Week One


                Hi everyone! Here are the pictures for our first installment of the photo-a-day series!

Friday: we boiled up a batch of fresh-layed eggs for some egg salad.

Saturday: it was just 'warm' enough to go sledding. (1 degree.)
Sunday: me playing the piano.

Monday: the new bedroom valance that Cassie made.

Tuesday: our delicious baked potato supper! Plus [lots] of other delicious toppings!

Wednesday: me reading my book. (It's about WW1 and called 'My Secret War')

Thursday: Cassie keeping warm in homemade socks and shawl.

Today: the newly finished floor-to-ceiling magnet board and chalkboard!

 I hope you enjoyed the pictures of our day-to-day life! See y'all next week!



  1. Love the pictures! The homemade socks and shawl are great. I'm wearing my own homemade socks right now! I'm also making socks for my sister. So did you use a simple or complicated pattern for your socks? The pattern I used was really a tutorial from a site online called Silver's Sock Class. There were no complicated stitches, so it worked well for me!

    1. Hi Natalie! I'm afraid I can not answer your knitting questions (because Cassie is the one who made them!) but I believe she used a relatively easy pattern since they were only her third pair to make. Thanks so much for commenting! ~Rebekah


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