Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Two Forgotten Outfits

Hi all! Today I have 2 outfits that we took pictures of but then got busy and did not do posts of- until now!  This first one is from the same day as Cassie's black and blue outfit, about 3 weeks ago!  The other is even older, from when it was still *warm out! (*30 degrees!)  So, enjoy!   ;-)

//Heels- humane society thrift shop, $? (bag sale) / Skirt- local thrift shop, $4 / Shirt- gift from Cassie, Goodwill $4? / Yellow undershirt- $1 / Fossil watch- gift from Grandma //

This is how hard it's been snowing here for about 3 weeks, which has piled up into 5 foot mounds on either sides of our driveway!

 This next outfit was spur-of-the-moment, sort of... I got the skirt from my Mom for Christmas, and Cassie bought the heels a few weeks before. Why I say it was spur-of-the-moment is because I had picked something else out, but... it didn't quite work out as I had imagined it the night before.
Nevertheless I did not have time to go through my whole closet to put something else together, so I just threw on this jacket and skirt and (literally) ran to the van! (Cassie did my hair in the van!)

//Heels- (borrowed from Cassie) $4 / Skirt- (from Mom) Goodwill, $4 / Jacket- local mission thrift store, $1 / Brown undershirt, $1? / Cross necklace- local mission thrift store, $1 / Rubber band- borrowed from Havah  :-P //

The rubber-band that is holding the braid is actually for braiding a horse's mane, that I (thankfully) happened to have in my pocket!
Doesn't my foot look like it is touching the ground? But it was actually in the air!
We used my Mom's phone to take the photos, it has a panorama option and so we took one!
So, how is the weather where you live? Here it's... not so pleasant. Unless you enjoy shoveling your way through seemingly countless gates just so you can de-freeze  water troughs, collect frozen eggs, and have to change your cloths when you finally get back inside because you are frozen to the bone. [Can you tell I don't like winter? Or rather, don't like snow!]    Last night I went to town (for the first time this year) and barily made it there because of this dreaded white fluff! Thankfully it was safer going back then heading in, or I still might be there camped out at a relative's house!  :-)

Thanks for reading my post ! 
                                                                               Which outfit do you favor? 
                                                              Have you found yourself stranded or snowbound yet this year?



  1. Cute outfits, Rebekah! I really like the red top you wore in the top photos! And both pairs of shoes are adorable. I love how they're so vintage-y. :)

  2. I really like your second outfit. The jacket looks lovely on you.


    the Middle Sister and Singer

  3. You look very cute!
    I always love the way you and your sister style your hair! I would love to see a tutorial!

    1. Thanks for commenting Laura! We have tried to film a video tutorial but haven't had much success... We are currently working on a few things though! ~Rebekah

    2. Awesome! I hope it works! I'd love to see it!

  4. I like the second outfit best! :) The skirt is so cute on you and it has a unique pattern and color combination.
    I'm sorry about the snow. :( We don't get that around here, but I can imagine it becomes tiresome.

  5. Very cute outfits! And I know about the last minute outfits. :P We have A LOT of snow up here too, about a 1/2 to a foot of snow. :O We had to bring our chickens in the garage because the cold! And a lot of the schools are out because the cold, but not good ole homeschool! :D
    Blessings in this cold!

    1. Nope- no snow days for us! ;-) ~Rebekah

    2. How much snow do you girls have? :)

    3. We have 2+ feet!! It also has been drifting alot so in some places more! :)

      Calico Sisters


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