Thursday, February 20, 2014

Funk + Fab // It Glittered Last Night!

                                                 It's time for another funky and fabulous post! 

  • Shoveling off your *snow steps (*When the snow is so deep you make steps up and down the piles in front of the gate) when you go back to shut the animals in for the night and when you get back you have to shovel again because it snowed an inch in 7 minutes!
  • Reading two books in one day and dreaming about both of them the same night!
  • Seeing a possum by your barn and running back intent on leaving the world with one less chicken-killing-critter and not being able to find hide nor tail of it! Except for tracks that lead...nowhere!
  • Wanting to change my 'What Bekah's Reading' image for 3 weeks now because I do not want y'all to think it takes me that long to read a simple 450 page book! 
  • Going into a long story and half way through you wonder if you have already told it to the person before...
  •  Not getting the chance to buy your brother a birthday gift. ;(
  • Buying a box of your favorite candy and gobbling it all right away. Next day: no candy. ;(
  • Declining sheet music for the song you are going to be singing the next week at church. Because you insist you know the song! Then two hours later you have to ask your friend what the name of the song is...
  • Practicing your same simple piano lesson over and over for 5 weeks because you're snowbound and your Grandma (the teacher) can't get to your house.
  • Sleeping in your [shared] room alone because Cassie is babysitting for 3 days... 
  • Your brother comes in from a walk with the *Littles (*our little sisters) and exclaims,"I'm burning hot- it must be at least 37 degrees out there!"
  • Hearing the pitter patter of melting icicles and snow!
  • Getting a package in the mail.
  • Seeing a galloping horse from your window in the afternoon...
  • Being nominated 3 times in 2 weeks with the Sunshine Award!
  • Downton Abbey! We can't wait for season four to hit the libraries!  Hahaha!  ;-P
  • Planning spring outfits!  (I'm all ready for the big thaw!)
  • Reading old ads out of some 1940's Life magazines!
  • Making hairspray! Anyone want a tutorial? It works better than store bought if you ask me!
  • Finding this blog!
  • Late sunsets...
  • Valances...curtains that don't keep the sun out!

                                                                                 Now for the pictures!
           I took these on the same day as Cassie's apron post- the sun was just coming up and the snow was  exquisite!




Light bright fluffy...

Cassie's profile against the sun...

Snowflakes on my barn hat...

My hat...

Sometimes our computer just spontaneously adds falling snow to our photos!

The frozen snow covered swamp- looks like a good day for skating! (If you feel like shoveling off the rink that is!)


Snowflakes on a really old fencepost...

Some animal is nice and cozy under all this snow! (Hey! Maybe it's the possum we saw!)
Can you find an up-side-down heart in this photo?

Pretty berries...

I think this picture best demonstrates how sparkly the snow was!

My ring on a hemlock pine tree branch...

Our youngest rooster and a hen peeking out...

Cheyenne and Huddle...



My shadow and a bucket...

Self portrait...

                                                    Bye y'all!  Thanks for visiting with me!

                                     What has been funky or fabulous about your life lately?

                                                                                                                                     Signing Off,


  1. Oh...those pictures are absolutely stunning! How gorgeous!!!!

  2. Loving this post! Yes, please! I would love a homemade hairspray tutorial!
    And I too am anxiously awaiting getting S4 of Downton from the library!! :D

    1. We'll see about the tutorial- if we do it it'll probably be soon because we just ran out! I do not like using anything else now that I know how well our homemade kind works! Please hurry up and finish the season BBC! ;-D ~Rebekah

  3. Incredible pictures!! I so enjoyed seeing the beauty of the snow. You have a wonderful eye for taking amazing shots.

    I enjoyed your post :) I am so excited about planning Spring outfits too- one of the fun things about Spring! And I am curious about the hairspray. I'd be interested to see a post about it.

    Have a blessed day!!

    1. Thanks Jazzmin! I'm just glad the pictures turned out this good! We'll try and get the tutorial done soon... ~Rebekah

    2. p.s.
      It's God who gets credit for the gorgeous snow though! ;-D

  4. Thanks! The beauty of the snow has now faded into gray knee-deep slush but it was nice while it lasted! ~Rebekah

  5. Beautiful pictures and I love your funky and fabulous!


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