Friday, February 21, 2014

Photo-a-Day//February//Week Four

Friday: you've got to do somethin' with all this snow!  Make a slushy!
Saturday: I got up early when I saw this! (Of course, it wasn't in black and white...but it was still gorgeous!)

Sunday: our poor old van that we've had for going on 11 years got its brake lines replaced over the weekend- and into the week!)

Monday: our trash fire. (Don't know why it looks so blue on the edges!) 

Tuesday: Cassie got her essential oils from winning the fashion show at All Things Good.

Wednesday: since we have a lot of books, we have to be 'creative' in ways to store them... Here is a freshly organized section!  ;-)

Thursday: here's how it happened... Just up the road from our house, while we were on our way to town, we couldn't remember if we let the dog back in the house so my Mom turned around. And needless to say- she didn't make it. Then- out of the blue 7  volunteer firefighters show up and a good Samaritan truck driver! They got us out of the snow pile in no time!                    Thanks everybody who helped!

Today: the banner for my brother's birthday party!  (Yesterday was also our Grandpa's birthday and our family friend Bob...)

This is just an extra! ;-)

Well.... You'll have to excuse me. I have to go clean the house for the party tonight!



  1. Lovely pictures! I'm thinking of putting more picturea on my blog in the future. :)

    1. It's a pretty easy and fun series to do- you should! ;-) ~Rebekah

  2. Snow slushies!! Great idea! I love your photo-a-day series! :)

  3. Thanks Laura- I was just on your blog and the new look is really cute! ~Rebekah

  4. Great pictures again, Rebekah! :D I'm glad you got out of that snow pile okay. By the way, nice job on that last "extra" photo edit. :)

  5. Lovely pictures!! I loved the last one especially!


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