Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Outfit // Cloaked in Blue

                                                                                             Hey all!
                                                     As Cassie said in our last post, we recently went thrifting!
While my little sisters and Cassie were having their piano lesson at our Grandmother's house, Mom and I left to check a nearby second-hand shop for furniture, which happened to be having an 'all clothes are a $1' sale!  I purchased one brown linen skirt that I have yet to use in an outfit. But I'm thinking about trying it out with my cowboy boots soon!  [It's finally slushy enough to not have my feet slip out from under me the second I leave the house with them on!]

So... the cape is my Mom's and I actually didn't start out with it on, I just had on my black pea coat which is badly in need of a trip to the dry-cleaner... But I've always wanted to wear it and since it's finally getting almost too warm for a coat [Praise the Lord!], she let me borrow it.   ;-)
Doesn't this look just like a 20's cloak when paired with this shorter skirt?
There is a small stream going down our road to the river [from all the melting snow] and it was making all kinds of weird bubble formations! So neat! Our younger siblings walked down to our neighbor's ancient mud puddle to tramp in! It is huge! You should have seen their sad faces when we told them it is predicted to freeze again this weekend. Poor dears...It seems forever to them.

I have been wearing this brown cardigan a lot it seems... I'm so glad I splurged and payed four whole bucks for it at Goodwill!

I wasn't sure at first how the blue/light peach/brown mix would go but it seems to match without too much craziness... It helped that we had an undershirt the exact same color as the eyelet skirt!  ;-)

We forgot to take a close-up but my shirt also has eyelet on it, making it a no-brainer to pair with this new favorite!

This is my favorite picture in the whole photo shoot! I adore the lighting!

Or maybe this is... ('Ortonish' works really well for hair-focused photos!)
On a side note, I wanted to make sure to mention that this is the shortest skirt I feel comfortable wearing. (I have one other exercise skirt that hits a little bit higher but still below the knee.)
It is high-waisted therefore it kept slipping up after I put on a nylon slip right before we left. It was in the dryer until right up to when we had to leave! I have also thought about wearing another fairly short white skirt under it in the summer months so that it just peaks out and makes the zig-zag hem more noticeable.
                                                                                     Can't wait to try it out!!!

Shoes-thrifted, $3//Skirt-thrifted, $3//Undershirt-thrifted, $2//Peach colored long sleeve-gifted, free//Cardigan-Goodwill, $4// Elastic hair comb-no clue, 0.50? //
No... I did NOT mean to make a 'peace sign' or bow! It just turned out that way...
This is what I woke up to this morning... Okay, it was pretty after a whole week of nothing but black, gray, and brown slush!

So what have y'all been spending your time on recently?

                    I have:
  • Had a piano lesson. [And almost finished the primer level! YAY!!!]
  • Videoed my Grandma playing "Claire de Lune".
  • Not read a book [Besides school-books] in nearly a week.
  • Watched the very first "I Love Lucy" episode.
  • Enjoyed the slush.
  • Put off moving a giant manure pile that is 'melting' along with the snow...  :-P
  • Looked at the same stars you look at each night.  [Orion's my favorite!]
  • Remembered how ugly the first month of spring is in Michigan but enjoyed its warm nastiness.
  • Finished my grade 9 Bible curriculum. [YAY! Only 3 more books/grades left!]
  • Snooped in Cassie's mail. [With her permission! Hahaha!]
  • Ripped my favorite nightgown while doing the chores...
  • Slept in 'til 10:00 a.m. on Monday.
  • Washed dishes... washed dishes... washed dishes.
  • Changed my Pinterest photo.   Such an accomplishment...  ;-P
  • Looked forward to being in my first real play!
  • Braided my hair every night.
  • Played 'PIT' till odd hours of the night with the fam. 
  • Started collecting eggs again!!! 
  • Enjoyed all of your blog posts!
  • Watched my brother shovel for hopefully [and with any miracle] the last time this season!
  • Posted an outfit on this blog!   ;-)

                   Do you like eyelet?
                         Have you ever watched "I Love Lucy"?
                                   What have you finished this week? {Book, project, grade, cleaning,etc...}
                                                  How short of a skirt do y'all think is modest and pleasing to the Lord?

                                                                                      Thanks ever so much for reading!

                                                                                           the Younger sister and Writer


  1. Very nice outfit. Is this what you wore on Sunday?
    Yes, I love eyelet material! I have a skirt quite similar to yours actually! “I Love Lucy” is a favorite show of mine (I enjoy seeing the fashion on there as well)! Sadly, it seems as though I have finished very little this week… not even a book! I have had my eye on getting “Growing Up Duggar”, though! As for skirt length I like to keep them at my knees. I do have shorter skirts (such as my old exercise skirt) which I wear with leggings underneath, but I try to avoid those. Any advice as to wear to get a skirt to exercise in? I haven’t been able to find any at our thrift store. :(

    1. Yes, this is what I wore last Sunday. Sorry, I don't have any advice as to where to buy modest exercise skirts new. [I always find mine at thrift shops.] But there is a website I've seen via Pinterest that has a few nice options if you want to pay a little more... It's called Athleta. Hope you find what you want! ;-)

  2. I have the exact same shoes as you Rebekah! Your outfit with the cloak is really cute, and I like your skirt! So far this week I haven't finished anything, except a book! I'm hoping to finish a blouse today, but we'll see how that goes.

    the Middle Sister and Singer

  3. Cute outfit, Rebekah! :) The skirt is lovely; I like eyelet lace too!
    It sounds like you had a (mostly) good week! Unfortunately, I don't remember finishing anything so far this unless you count my long-awaited camera finally being delivered. :)

    1. Oh, and the first picture of you makes me think of a photo from the 40's! :)

    2. Thanks for commenting Paige! Can't wait 'til we can get a better camera too! ~Rebekah


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