Monday, March 10, 2014

Outfit || You Know It's Me

Howdy dears! We have had a great weekend over on this end--how about you? It was great to visit our grandparent's church and celebrate our grandfather's birthday following the service yesterday.
Finding another book shelf, at a thrift store of-course, to finish up our schoolroom's furnishings has occupied the rest of this weekend's free time. Hauling an oak cabinet up two flights of stairs is hard on the muscles, at least we are used to it and have the crew to assist!  

 We went thrifting (in search of furniture) on Thursday...Need I say more? This is the beginning of my love story for this sweater....
While Mom checked over the details of our to be Teacher's-Manual-book-case, Rebekah and I went adrift to find treasure. Then it came, "Cass, did you see this?" Rebekah had found my gold for the day. You can only imagine how happy I was! A green sweater vest with pockets and a fisher man's collar...This is something that I would pin a photo of on Pinterst, leaving it to be in my imaginary closet.

With the time change, I unintentionally stayed up too late. Leaving me with a half way picked out outfit for the morn. I had been wearing a bold coral long-sleeve under the sweater all day Saturday, but I didn't have a skirt that would blend well enough with it, besides a denim one which is off limits for our family on Sunday...
                  Shoes- thrifted $3 // Random hose // Slip- made by me // Skirt- thrifted forever ago // Undershirt- thrifted $1 // 
                                        White shirt and headband- gifted // Sweater vest- Christapher and Banks thrifted $3
So you tell me if you like the green on green or if you think it goes. Because of how the skirt is textured and is only a slight difference in color, I for one thinks it bodes well.
I took one of the flakes of color out of the sweater and came up with my yellow shoes.Have I bored you with them yet? You would be surprised at how much a person can wear a pair of manilla colored shoes!
The cream shirt has such a splendid sleeve detail! Our grandmother gave it to us just this week! I absolutely love it! Instead of a plain sleeve for under things look at how fabulous that is! Plus you all know my love for eyelet lacing...
What a joy to wear what you love!
Yes, yes--this headband to burst the yellow and the hem's beading....

To let you all in on something...Our family is going to be participating in a show! Every year for as long as can be remembered, Rebekah and I have waited tables during Tulip Time here in Holland Michigan.For this particular thing, a dear Aunt of ours runs a food court, serving pig in the blankets by the thousands along with much more to choose from and many hours of meetings, months before with other volunteers.Our Mother has gotten more involved with running things the past few years. Every cent is given to woman and children around the world. But this is only a small fraction of the week long event.

It is a time were our community celebrates their Dutch heritage with parades, plays, authentic costumes, and endless rows of tulips. While we will still be running the dining room, we are also going to be part of a wonderful show. The Dutch Heritage play. This is our first year in doing something like this. Most of the participants have been there since day one...we are anticipating their guidance as we begin our first practice tomorrow!
This event is a huge part of us! We love filling in details wherever we can! We are always buzzing around like bees this coming part of the year in preparation for it! It takes place in May.            Let us know if you have a question!

                                                      Off to topple the world with house chores and finishing math.

                                                               Have you ever visited Holland during Tulip Time?
                               Have you ever been part of a play who's goal is to bring authentic-ness to life?
                                                                             Would you wear my new sweater?

                                                                                             the Elder Sister and Writer


  1. Adorable outfit Cassie! I would definitely wear your sweater, but I don't know many skirts (other than my denim one which I avoid wearing on Sundays also) that I could wear it with. I have visited Holland during Tulip Time and it is beautiful! I have been in plays before, and your's sounds very exciting! When I went, I remember seeing a play and was fascinated by it!

  2. Nice outfit! I like how you did you hair! Looks really nice with the headband. :)

  3. I think the green on green looks lovely! And that headband is wonderful.
    The play for Tulip Time sounds like so much fun!!! You must post more about it as the time draws nearer. Hope your first practice goes well.

    the Middle Sister and Singer

  4. Oh how I wish we were going to Michigan then. You see, my relatives live not very far from where you live, and we go up to Michigan an average of twice a year. I have a lot of Dutch in my blood and have always been very proud of it and very interested in Holland! Not only would I get to go to a wonderful Dutch festival, but I would also get to meet you girls face to face! Sounds like fun!:)

    1. That would be stupendous! So interesting that you have family here!

      Thank you for your wonderful comments!

      the Elder Sister and Writer

  5. Lovely outfit! The skirt and vest look terrific together. I have read about the tulip festival in Holland, MI and have always thought it would be fun to see. But since I live in NY it probably won't be any time in the near future. : ) Have fun!


  6. Your new sweater is beautiful, Cassie! I would wear it. :) You also did a great styling job; I like all the little details on your clothes.
    The Tulip Festival sounds like fun! Congratulations on getting to be in the play. It will be neat to see how it goes.

  7. Oh! I love this outfit so much, Cassie! It is beautiful and looks very lovely on you. That vest looks so warm and cozy! =)

    Ashley B.

  8. Hi Cassie!
    I like the green of the skirt in combination with the green of the vest(sweater)! And I love how the skirt is flowing and wide! I would love to see a movie of the festival! For me as a Dutch girl it is fun to read that there is a place in America that is could Holland. And that they even still do a Dutch Heritage play it sound so great!
    I really love the times the tulips grow. Than on Saturdays and Sundays we go with the family for a bike ride to the fields. And it is so lovely to ride in between of so many flowers!
    And I still think it is so cool that you make the pig in the blankets! And that you call them that way! :) But I already told you that once!


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