Friday, March 14, 2014

Photo-a-Day//March//Week Seven

Hello everyone! Can you believe was are already half way through March!? This is what we have been up to this week!

Friday: while obviously I edited this photo, I still love it!
Saturday: Cassie reading her first letter from her new pen-pal which she found via Shining Stars Magazine.
Sunday: one of our neighbor-friends used to sell hair accessories and she dropped by while we were taking our outfit pics to give us a whole box of mixed headbands, clips, and flowers!
Monday: we have a mirror on our east wall in our bedroom, aligned with the window. So the first thing I see lots of mornings is this little black squirrel chomping away at walnuts!

Tuesday: all of us girls waiting to get in first at Holland's annual Dutch costume sale. It worth the hour and a half wait. I bought a zuig beveland!  And you have no clue what I just said...We will share complete posts of each one of our costumes come May! (a.k.a. Tulip Time!)This day also held our first Dutch Heritage show rehearsal. All went well- it was great to meet new people!
Wednesday: my brother shoveling for what we hope is the last time this season!

Thursday: beautiful crisp blue skies and a light dusting of snow...
Today: every once in a while our [seemingly sleep-deprived] gentle giant gets bed rights for awhile.

This week has held some new experiences for us, has it for you? On a scale from snow and below zero temperatures in March to singing in Dutch how weird has your week been?

                                                                      Did you get any snow this week?
                                                                                  What month does it [feel like] where you live?
                                                                                               What day's photo is your favorite this week?
                                                                                                                                     Thanks from Rebekah!


  1. I love the photo from Tuesday where you are all together and also the one of your dog! Our neighbor just got an adorable St. Bernard puppy - ah, so cute!
    Yes, we did get a little snow, but it quickly melted (yay)! I think it is starting to feel like March which is exciting! I'm ready for spring! :)

    1. Thanks for commenting Laura! We have had 2 Saints now but did not get either of them as puppies... A few days ago we got to play with a 7 week old one though! The cutest thing ever!!! ;-)

  2. Oh, I love the first and second picture! You guys are great photographers! We woke up to snow this morning:( I hope it melts soon! I love spring with all the flowers and sunshine! Thanks for the beautiful post!

    1. Thanks for commenting Grace! I'm with you in your hopes for spring coming soon. [I'm getting tired of thawing out frozen water troughs every morning!] ~Rebekah

  3. I like the Tuesday photo of you girls all lined up in your bright colors against the brick and tile background. I would love to find out what on earth a zuig beveland is. ;)
    It feels kind of like June here right now...the rain stopped and it's warm. Who knows what will happen next though. :)

    1. Isn't the garbage can a nice touch? :-P A zuig beveland is a kind of Dutch costume with a big starched hat. [Kind of like a old-fashioned nun's habit.] I'm sure you'll see lots of photos come May! ~Rebekah

    2. Haha, indeed, so classy. ;) Oh well, it's still a good photo!
      Aaah, okay! I look forward to the pictures in May. :)

  4. Oh! that little squirrel and great big sleepy dog... so charming!
    Yay! for snow. Okay, you might be getting tired of it, but all of ours here in Kansas melted the week before last.
    As for what it feels like... one day its April, the next, its January. It hops back and forth and the wind blows so vehemently i barely know what to wear in March.
    Glad to see you have blue skies and lots of good companionship :)


    1. Thanks for commenting Abigail! It's been really windy here too! It's been so nice to not have to wear a coat though! As for today though... Back out come the scarf and mittens! ~Rebekah


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