Saturday, March 22, 2014

Something Different | DIY Herbal Hair Spray

Happy Saturday!
A while back we mentioned our love for making our very own hair spray, asking if you would appreciate a tutorial on how we make it. Since there was such a great response I made sure to take photos as I made it this last time.

If you are like me, you want to make sure to take the very best of care of your hair, skipping chemicals as much as possible. Though it was never an issue before, I have been battling breakage with my hair these past couple of years. As I read and researched on how to best remedy the awful results, I came across one tip that is not spoken of as often- how much hair spray can damage your hair. It just happen to be that I had been using more of it during this time- go figure!

I am one who loved the canned stuff so much more than the squirt bottled kind. So at first I thought "Uhm I'll just keep on using my natural (store bought) bamboo stuff- just not as much."  But I decided to try it, despite my lack of comfort concerning having to use a squirt bottle instead. And since this recipe is so effortless, I am sure you nature lovers and DIY-ers will get hooked as I did!

Let's get started!

1. To start- measure out two cups of water into a moderate pot.

 2. Next- make some tea! Yup- bring to boil either camomile flowers (that is what I will be using) or just
     a regular tea bag, just hang the string over the edge of the pot. Finding camomile flowers may not be
     as easy, but we have a wonderful store close by that sells out of the ordinary herbs and such.
3. After this odd looking concoction as cooled; enough that it would not burn you, drain it off- making sure you have a bowl ready to catch your brew!
4. Add sugar- I usually add four teaspoons plus a little, but this is where you can make your own call.
 To determine how much, just think of how strong you want your spray to be. My amount gives me 
a nice medium to strong hold. Just sprinkle it on in and stir/swish around, making it dissolve.
5. You now should have a small amount of tan/brown liquid left in your bowl, depending on what tea
       you brewed. Now we just add a scant of whatever essential oil you desire. You don't have to add any,
  but if you don't, just be prepared to smell like some strong tea for a few minutes! FYI, it usually doesn't
              last too long.You could also add some lavender seeds or rose petals for fragrance, and let them steep for a while.
6. Now just pour/funnel it into a spray-able container. For my own I just dumped the original hair spray
    out so I could then use that same bottle. Then wrapped decorative paper around it, taped the seam, and
    cut the top short enough that it would be held on once I screwed the lid on!

Wasn't that fabulously easy!? All of us girls have been enjoying the results for the past eight months or so. Believe me when I say that I have tried a large amount of natural beauty recipes! This is one of my utmost favorites! You also will have such a satisfaction, knowing you have made something so wonderful and that you are protecting you hair from not being it's best!

                                                We are soon to be off to Sabbath meeting so I'd better scoot!
                                                      What do you make that is wonderful and natural?
                                                                 Have you ever made hair spray before?
                                                    Was this helpful? Are you going to try it out? 

                                                                                 the Elder Sister and Writer


  1. Oh so neat! I have made hair spray before, although I just used water, sugar and tee tree oil! I will have to try your recipe! Fantastic post, Cassie!!!

  2. Oh Cassie! Thanks so much for this tutorial! We have just run out of hairspray recently, and we have all the ingredients to make it! I am certainly going to have to try this out SOON. We make our own hair gel out of flax seeds, and I love it (when I remember to use it that is :P)!

    the Middle Sister and Singer

  3. Awesome! I love this idea. I don't use hairspray that much because it just seams to weigh my hair down, but something natural like this sounds delightful.
    I've also heard that you can make a hairspray out of diluted honey and use aloe vera gel for hair gel, have you tried any of those? I haven't, though i'd like to.
    Thanks for this wonderful diy idea!


    1. Hey Abigail! I'm glad this is intriguing for you!
      I have done the diluted honey mixture, but since I don't really use gel I have not tried the vera.

      So had that we found each others blogs!

      the Elder Sister and Writer

  4. This is so awesome!! The funny thing is that I really don't use hairspray. I have really thick and curly hair that I flatten, and I suppose it has enough weight to keep my hair all together or something like that. ;) Do ya'll do natural shampoo and conditioner? I don't, but I might be interested in it because I have heard sulfates aren't good for the hair, and shampoo has sulfates. Anyways, this was a great post. :)
    God Bless,

  5. That’s really interesting! I’ve never made my own hairspray, but I might have to try this out! I've made my own natural face wash, but that's about it. I don’t usually use hairspray because it doesn’t hold my (rather thick) hair. If this works, that would be great!

  6. Thanks for sharing this recipe Cassie! We just recently ran out of hair spray so I am definitely going to try this recipe!

    I like to make lip balm, body scrub, lotion, toner, pretty much any kind of natural skin/hair care item. Hair spray is one of the only things I haven't made so far, but not for long now that I have this recipe!

    Thanks! Maria


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