Friday, March 21, 2014

Doth Thee Have a Question? | Photo-a-Day||March||Week Eight

Friday: some of the animals happy with their freshly cleaned homes.
Saturday: 'melting snow raindrops'. [A photo I am fairly proud of as a purely amateur photographer.]
Sunday: Cassie on the second level of our house, waiting for me to take outfit pictures. 
Monday: Peter and the little girl we babysit... She kept mimicking everything he did!     :-)
Tuesday: the book I am reading. {I love book-hearts!}

Wednesday: the little girls keeping Mackenzie busy while Cass an' I swear allegiance to America. [For our passports.]
Thursday: stromboli for dinner! Delish!

Today: frosty straw in the barnyard against the sun...
This is the 98th post on Calico Sisters! Most of you have already submitted your questions, but if you've thought of any more or haven't heard that we're doing a Q+A for our 100th post, then ask away! Also, do you think we should try out doing a video? If we do there will most likely be a few parts so y'all won't have to sit and watch us babble on for 20 minutes!  ;-) Leave your opinion below please!  Thanks for reading!!!

                                                                                    What is your favorite picture this week? 
                            Have any of you ever had stromboli? (It's basically a rolled up pizza, but way better!)

                                                                                                               Thanks again!

                                                                                                    the Younger Sister and Writer 


  1. Hi Ya'll! Oh my, I think my favorite pic would be . . . the raindrop pic. To get that much detail in a photo as an amateur photographer is awesome!

    I've never had stromboli, but I bet I'd like it, since I'm a lover of any kind of Italian food.

    I think you should definitely do a video!!! By the way, I don't think I've submitted a question, so here's mine:How has God been working in your life lately? What are some things He's been calling you to do? What opportunities have you had to serve Him as of late? Wow . . . 3 questions in one! ;) Looking forward to the 100th post and Q&A. God Bless,

  2. Wow! i love the melting snow and frosty hay pictures! You're really good!
    I love that you make collages that tell a story instead of just one picture. So much more fun!


  3. My question is what are your modesty standers? :)

  4. My question(s) is(are): How are you learning photography? Are you taking a course or teaching yourself? Any tips?


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