Saturday, April 5, 2014

1 Button-Up | 3 Days | Day Three

Howdy everyone! Today I am posting day three for the ever so popular three day button up challenge!
It is kind of hard to believe that these past few days have already come and gone, but I had such a neat 
time looking through everyone's creations not to mention finding some new blogger ladies out there! I 
am pretty sure we all need to make sure and thank our dear friends and hosts for their support during 
this event! So, here I am, removing my hat to Fresh Modesty, Creations by Callie, The Boyer Family Singers, and Bramblewood Fashion. We are all well aware how much time it takes to put these kinds
of things in motion!

 I needed something a little more dressy than what I came up with these last couple of days to wear to Sabbath (our family has been attending Saturday services for the past month in addition to our Sunday worship- we are unsure at this time where this will lead us but just in case you missed that being said or are visiting our blog- thought that would end any confusion) today. So I chose my favorite tan-ish cream skirt to make it a little more special.
 Aannnd to match this fabulous scarf that I had already planned to wear to this week's gathering, even before the word had been spread about the challenge. Plus we use your typical folding chairs and face each other during the discussion time- it is so much easier to stay modest and comfortable in a longer skirt while in that position!
 As you may have noticed, I fashioned my hair in the same style as yesterday, just taking the front crown of hair forward and then tying the scarf on then braiding with the hair from either side of it. Okay- I will also admit I wanted to show off my new clever creation with my other hair do friends. But hey, it worked out well!   :)
 Shoes- Ariat brand thrifted $3 // Skirt- Dressbarn brand thrifted $4 // Slip- made by me // Undershirt- thrifted $2 // Denim Top- Bek's // Belt- thrifted $1 // Scarf- Boutique shop $5
I have had a great day celebrating the Word and fabulous fellowship with new friends. This is the day that the Lord has made so let us rejoice in Him! The long summer days of dirty bare feet, long walks, open windows, and sun burnt skin are o their way! For this today I rejoice!

What have you been up to today?
Like my outfit today?

Shabbot Shalom!
the Elder Sister and Writer


  1. Beautiful outfit and photos! :D You did a good job styling the shirt to be more dressy.
    My day has been pretty laid back. I've been working on the button-down challenge, illustrations, and macro photography. :)

  2. Like the way you styled your denim top with a belt Cassie! Today, well I have been doing a lot of cleaning in preparation for my dad getting back from a business trip (mom will be back with him from the airport within an hour!). Did get to watch snatches of Chity Chity Bang Bang that some of my siblings were watching. That was fun, it has been ages since I last saw that movie!
    Well better go, still have to milk the cow, and do last minute cleanup before my parents get back.
    Blessings! Maria

  3. I love the way this looks!! Btw... I was gonna ask this for your 100th post and didn't get to.... Do you wear makeup? If so how much?

  4. That outfit is so lovely! Your hair is beautiful styled that way. I may have to attempt that style myself. I think this might be my favorite of your three outfits! :)


  5. i love it! you have done a wonderful job with this challenge, Cassie! due to a busy weekend, i haven't been able to comment as i would have liked but i would just like to mention that i've enjoyed all of your outfits and your pretty takes on this. i also have to mention that i have enjoyed he little hair tidbits, as well. i just love how you style it, and the way you tied a scarf is is also so very, very lovely. have a wonderful weekend and keep up the great work :)

  6. I LOVE it!! I would love to get a cream skirt like that; a day of skirt shopping is definitely in order for me! ;)
    God Bless,

  7. I absolutely love your outfit, Cassie! Your skirt is so beautiful! You should do a hair tutorial for the hairstyle you did today! It was so pretty!
    In Christ,

  8. Love your outfit and your hair! This are some neat photos the different perspective in each shot! Please come check out my blog and follow.
    In Christ,

  9. Today I have been recovering (sore from assembling furniture, and painting) and catching up on blog posts from the challenge. I love EVERYTHING about your outfit, and your hair looks stunning as well! :D :D


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