Friday, April 4, 2014

1 Button-Up | 3 Days | Day Two

Hello all! Are you ready for day two of the Button-Up challenge?
This was a pretty basic Friday for our household so today's outfit is also a little more casual, but oh so much nicer than yesterday's! And how much more can you dress up a denim top anyway? We will see what tomorrow brings.

 This skirt is one of the few that has been stowed away, awaiting the warmer months ahead. But it matched so much nicer than any of my other printed skirts that I knew it must be time to take this treasure out of it's chest. I think that it is safe to say that love this skirt! Definitely unique and me.
 I typically don't go for leggings showing from under skirts unless I wear them under my swimming skirts. But they helped me brave the rippling winds and just seemed to go today. I think that since they didn't show too much it helped out with my odd thought of a vintage saloon girl. *ahem*
Who knows were I got that thought from.
 Oh yes- we get a little rundown of my hair do today! I haven't worn the 'Dutch braids' style for a while, especially for the blog. I have missed it so! This time I did something a little different then just two regular braids flopped over each other. Starting from the temple of each side of my part I just created two inside-out braids and then laid them next to each other. Didn't it turn out wonderfully?!
It reminds me of a double halo. Adding silk flowers was a no-brainer for this hair accessories queen.
 Shoes- J-41 brand gift from Mom// Leggings- made by me// Skirt- Goodwill $4 // Brown undershirt- thrifted $2 // Denim shirt- borrowed from Bek/Thrifted/Shared // Hair Flowers- Meijer $4

Well, thank you all for checking back in today! I have enjoyed stopping by the blogs that have linked up with this challenge! If you are joining us, and have not seen a comment left by me, make a point to leave me a comment below so I get the chance to visit your neck of the blogging world!

                                                                     I will talk to you tomorrow ladies!

                                                                      So- do you like my outfit today?
                                                                Is there much snow left where you live?


  1. I love your hair! The flowers are the perfect addition.

  2. Pretty hair! I used to do that hairstyle all the time. I think you and I have a lot in common when it comes to likes and dislikes. :)
    It snowed just yesterday. Now it is almost gone. Colorado Springs really is a cool place when it comes to weather; one day I'll be wearing sunglasses and flip-flops, and the next I'll be putting my parka and snow boots on. Oh yeah, it's loads of fun. ;)
    God Bless,
    P:S: This is my second comment today! I'm just catching up on some posts I've missed in the past few days.

  3. Very nice outfit, I really like the detail around your skirt. And your hair looks lovely!

  4. Your hair and outfit are both beautiful!! I have a skirt pattern with similar pockets to yours and the pretty print of your skirt has given me a little inspiration now! I'm looking forward to tomorrow's post!


  5. What a darling outfit, Cassie! I really like your skirt, and your hair is simply lovely, as are the flowers in it. :)

  6. I really like how you did your hair! I tried to do it with mine once or twice, but it wouldn't cooperate. I can't do it anymore, because a few weeks ago I chopped 12 inches off. ;-)

  7. Your face looks're so gorgeous! I love how you wore legging underneath your skirt...super cute!

  8. Darling. Simply darling my dear. I must agree with all of the other commenters that your braids are perfection! I have decided it is time to grow my hair out so I can work with more up-dos like the one you performed on yourself.

    I am always inspired by the way you arrange your pretty locks Cassie! I think if we ever meet, we would have to have a little beauty parlor session, and do each other's hair! Wouldn't that be grand?


    The eldest sister & singer

    1. Thank so much Jessica! I have for some reason been feeling like I have not found a new style for a while so this was a nice pick-me-up!

      What wonderful news that you are going to let your hair go! It was my guess that that was your plan- it just came off to me that you would enjoy it so much more! And I have been meaning to say that I have noticed you started parting your hair on the opposite side. I suppose this was the perfect opportunity to share that odd tid-bit!

      We would most assuredly need to make a point of that- we share so much love for hair styling! :)
      One day I only hope!


  9. Your hair is perfect! I really like the shirt you are using for this challenge! I have been looking for a similar one myself. Can't wait to see today's outfit!

  10. i just love that hairstyle! the outfit is wonderful, too. i was actually thinking along the same lines, and when you mentioned 'vintage saloon girl' it pinpointed my thoughts exactly. i can see it!
    glad you're having warmer days. the flowers in your hair are perfect for the coming spring.

  11. Your hair is so pretty Cassie! I like the pocket detail on your skirt. You made your leggings? Did you use a pattern? Just curious. :)

    the Middle Sister and Singer

    1. Oh hey, thank you! It was wonderbaar to do something different!

      Thanks for your inquire!
      I do did use a pattern (McCALL"S M6173) and then just shortened them. But they *ahem* slip down in the rear so I need to revamp the pattern or make them smaller. :)

      the Elder Sister and Writer


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