Tuesday, April 15, 2014

HSF: Fairytale Inspired | Hooded Cloak

Hello all! I hope that this week is off to a great start for you! As you can see, I am once again sharing a sewing project for the Historical Sew Fortnightly challenges with you all. If you missed out on my last challenge post then you may be wondering why I am just now posting about this challenge that was given for last fortnight's, well let's just say I was a little distracted when it came to which challenge was coming up next. With that behind us let's move on!

This particular challenge was difficult- not just the actual project but finding one to make! Since our family has never owned any "fairytale" media or books, it was, as you can imagine, a challenge in itself getting a soul inspiration.
This fabric had been set aside for this exact garment for so long! My Mother and I always wanted to make it together, but alas, it never happened. It ended up being exactly what I needed to check this challenge off as finished.

And here we are with the regular tidbits of inspection:

The Challenge: Imagine your favorite fairytale set in a specific time period, and make a historical garment inspired by the fairytale.

Fabric: Four yards of stashed plaid polyester wool blend. And one and a half yards for the hood's lining of embellished black silk also in our stash.

Pattern: McCALL'S Costumes M4698, view B. Shortened by me, without lining.

Year: Placing this in the 1880 region seems right to me. [When more elegant styles were being brought in for the coming 1900's teenagers, eliminating the more practical wear.]

Notions: Three yards of black satin ribbon, antique black thread,

How historically accurate is it? Besides the kind of material, the style and shape are true to the period. 95% ?

Hours to complete: 6-7

First worn: Just for the photo shoot.

Total cost: Always hard to say- probably 8 or 9 dollars.

Have you noticed? I didn't even hem this yet! *sigh*
I am planning on hand hemming it and that obviously has not been able to happen yet. The joys of every day life has kept it at arms length. Looking on the brighter side of this matter, maybe this can be the project I work on for number 21 which is to re-make a previous challenge.
This will also be nice seeing as how the hood needs a little more help too. I would really like to go back and stitch further away from the edge of the hood and make the casing larger so that it is easier to adjust. Yes, a plan is in motion for this rumply project.
  As I conclude the tying end of this post, with a sick and crying tired baby on me, I wonder, "What was I thinking when I started this? As if I need another thing to do!" But then I think of how much I enjoy being busy and how grateful I am for having things to do! We each need to take out time for the things that the Lord has given us- the things that bring us joy and purpose. 

What do you find yourself doing?
Do you like this creation?

Your Writer,
the Elder Sister

p.s. And yes, we did get some snow last night! Even though it is not the greatest time of year for it, (!) it was kind-of perfect for the little shoot. Our drive home from Sadar dinner last night was interesting! :)
I'm sure it will be gone soon- it was just a spring dusting. 


  1. Beautiful garment, Cassie! :D I like the lace inside the hood. Even if it isn't hemmed yet, it looks great.
    I agree with you about needing to take time out sometimes to do those things that give us joy - even though we are very busy! It sort of refreshes us, I think. Also, my family doesn't do anything magic related either...so I know what you mean there too. ;)

  2. I really like this project Cassie! The color and pattern of the material and the actual pattern itself is lovely! My favorite part is they way the hood is gathered. Very elegant looking!

    I totally hear you about having too many things going on.

  3. The cloak is beautiful Cassie! The shape of the hood is so dreamy and just right! I am going to FINALLY be posting my entry for Tops & Toes tomorrow. A day late, but couldn't help it, as my project wasn't quite done.

    the Middle Sister and Singer

  4. Love the cloak! The photos are gorgeous, you look beautiful! (as always!)

    I definitely know that "I'm too busy/what am I doing" feeling! Keep persevering-we all love seeing the posts!

  5. I love it Cassie! The cloak looks so nice on you and the photos that were taken are lovely! I always enjoy reading your HSF posts!

  6. Wow that is so beautiful! I love your top and how you belted your skirt! So cute! You looks so beautiful, Cassie! Very lovely....=D

  7. oh wow! this is very pretty! i just love it. the second to last picture is perfect. the way you did your hair and makeup and your outfit underneath the beautiful cloak is just stunning. very great pictures! and awesome job on the cloak :) (we recently got a bit of snow here in Kansas, so i hear you!)

  8. I love it!! Very fairytail land-ish. :)
    I love your photos and the rest of your outfit!

  9. It is beautiful - I like the plaid (it could have worked for the plaid challenge, too...) - it definitely has a Victorian feel to it.
    Plus, because it has a hood, it actually works for the current challenge as well!

  10. Neat cloak + beautiful hair!!! :)

  11. Lovely, Cassie! How long did it take you to make that! So beautiful! You are very talented!

  12. Hi I just found your blog!! You are an excellent sewer!!! I love clothing that looks like clothes from back in the old days. That is a really cool coat you made.
    Love Hannah
    This is my blog. hannahlovedaysblog.blogspot.com


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