Friday, April 18, 2014

April || Photo-a-Day || Week Twelve

I'm actually here!
Why is that such a surprise you ask? Because our laptop that we use for blogging is currently a fire hazard, making it quite unpractical! Our Mom was up late at night baking when all of a sudden it started beeping loudly and smoking!  Yup, quite the tale, but all true! Anyway, we will have to use our old Gateway Netbook to blog for the time being! [It is quite the adjustment! It is 1/3 the size of our laptop!]     Now that you know the reason for my slight delay in posting, on to the pictures!


Friday: how I would love to live in a place where these signs were common!

Saturday: a bike ride...

Sunday: the groundhog we caught in the live trap. Still no fox!

Monday: the aforementioned Passover Sader at our Aunt's... I warn you! DO NOT EAT HORSERADISH DO NOT EAT HORSERADISH!  It is quite a memorable taste. Blagh!

Tuesday: a cake our Mom made for 'Library Staff Appreciation Day'! [She fills in at our local library.]

Wednesday: Cassie trying on a new church hat she may wear on Sunday.

Thursday: our first garter snake this spring!

Today: a book Cassie is reading...

It's a big relief to have this post done! I thought it would have to be two weeks worth of photos next week! ;-)

How was your week? 
Have you had any technology mishaps?
Do you have any Amish communities near you?


  1. are so brave to pick up that snake! There aren't many snakes where I live, so if I see one, I just scream and run away. Oh well....I loved the pictures! Looks like you had a very lovely bike ride and that is a gorgeous hat! =D

  2. That book looks so good that Cassie is reading! Right now I am reading Like Gold Refined by Janette Oke! I love it! I also love WW11 books. Have you ever heard of Anita Dittman? She is a very amazing lady that survived through the war. I can't believe you DO NOT EAT HORSERADISH! I love it! I know I am very strange! I love all sorts of spicy things!
    Have a great week!

  3. oooh. i really like Wednesdays. the lighting, texture of her sweater and the old books and bed is just so pretty.
    so awesome that you picked up the snake! i probably would not do that. i wouldn't scream or anything, i just probably would not do that.
    one more thing, i have that book Surviving Hitler and it's so good! happy reading :)

  4. Sorry about your computer...our tv died recently in a similar manner. Picture went all crazy and then it started spewing out smoke. Oh well.
    That cake your mom made looks amazing. :)

  5. Oh what a lovely way to begin Eastertide! I too adore your mother's handiwork, and laughed at her "due" pun in regards to the library! Very clever!

    That groundhog you caught looks like a pretty crabby fellow! He must not have been to please to be caught right at the beginning of your springtime up there! Hahaha! ;)

    We also keep finding garter snakes in our garden, one was quite large, and the other looked very young and small. Every little bird, chipmunk, squirrel, and snake around here are all progressing with the activities of Spring, and wee family nests. It is so exciting to be able to view this wonderful season in all its glory, is it not?

    We had a pretty good week ourselves; a little on the busy side since I began to work at our local Greenhouse/Nursery again, and we had a lot of singing to catch up on as well. But over all it was good, and it will be so wonderful to begin a new week with the glorious celebration of our victorious Risen King Jesus! Praise His precious name for being laid down, and at last bearing all our sins away through the sacrifice He made on the tree!

    Have a wonderful Easter my friends!


    The eldest sister & singer

  6. A smoking laptop sounds a bit disconcerting. :\ I hope they're back to normal soon.
    Fun pictures! That gopher looks unhappy. ;)


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