Monday, April 14, 2014

Sunset Saga

I'm going to start off by saying that most of you will either love this post or end it thinking "Why on earth did she put 40-something pictures in this post?!"     Well, hopefully you like sunsets because that's what this post is all about!  The first pictures I took on April 10 right after we got our new iPhone. {Because I was so excited about the better camera on it!} Here goes somethin'!

A panorama of some of our back property.
I found this old bottom of a Ball jar and thought it would be a cool shot... Excuse my dirty nails! [I took these after doing the chores...]
17 pictures later...  
Only 28 to go now! I took the first three on the way to the beach in case we didn't get there in time to see it over the lake...
I have to say... I am in love with this photo and the farm in it!  The barn is amazing! Not to mention there are several weeping willow trees on the property which are an ultimate favorite of mine!
A weird shot, but that's what I'm known for... ;-)
This is my Mom's favorite...
Everything was reflecting!
Breathtaking, no?
Love this one!!!
I found a fossil rock but lost it right after I took this photo... There is an abundance of fossil rocks there though! I'm sure I'll collect a few more before the summer's out.
These swans wouldn't let me get too close but they were very pretty as well. We also saw a ginormous crane flying about a 1/3 mile away from us.
Either the water was warm or my feet were numb with cold because shedding shoes and socks was just a matter of time for me! There were other people there with coats and scarves on!   [My explanation: tourists.]
Peter took 2 pictures of me...

Thanks to those of you who stuck with it 'til the end!
 To the rest of y'all: what? You've now seen enough beach pictures to last you a whole lifetime?!
That's okay because I'm pretty sure I have!!!  ;-P
I had loads of fun taking these! I'm sure God had loads of fun making the sunset too!    ;-D

Well, tonight our whole family is going to our Aunt's house to celebrate Passover!   And since I have yet to do the morning chores  I'd better get a move on!

                                                  Do any of you observe Passover or have ever been to a Passover dinner?
                                                                                   What's your favorite? Sunrise or sunset?
                                                                     Do you enjoy going to the beach?
                                           Is photography a hobby of yours?


  1. Love these photos! God's marvelous handy-work should never get tiring-even in picture form!

  2. Very pretty pictures! You are talented!
    I prefer sunsets personally because getting up early is not my idea of fun!
    Yes, I love going to the beach! I don't like overcrowded ones, though. That is not very enjoyable! :)
    I enjoy photography, but I don't feel like I am very good at it! Oh well, practice makes progress!

    1. Overcrowded beaches aren't a favorite of mine either... Fortunately we have access to a private beach this year! Thanks for commenting Laura! ~R.

  3. oh! They're all so pretty! i declare, i never get tired of my Sunset Project or sunsets in general. I especially love the ones near water, the ripples in the water are so beautiful! i definitely need to find a pond or lake sometime to take some pictures at. i just love those colors!!
    Great job on these great sunset photographs, Rebekah!

    1. Thanks for commenting Abigail! I don't get tired of your Sunset project either! Cass and I love your blog! ~R.

  4. I LOVE these, Rebekah! They're so pretty. I'm just like you-I take tons of sunset photos. I just love them!
    I'm always running into the house to grab my camera for "the perfect shot". My dad teases me about it. "But they'll never be another sunset just like this one!" :) Unfortunately I don't have a camera right broke. :/
    Anyways, great pictures!!

    1. Thanks for commenting Natalie! I hope your camera gets fixed soon! ;-( But at least you can draw a sunset now! The picture of Anna from Frozen is really pretty! ~R.

    2. Aw, thank you! You're right, I'll have to try that sometime!

  5. This was a beautiful picture laden post! When God does something he sure does it well, and sunsets have to be one of the best things ever!

    Well, I have only been to the beach once in my life. It was down in Corpus Cristi TX. That was quite a few years ago and I really enjoyed it at the time.

    Our church has a Passover Seder dinner every other year. This year they are having it, but I am unsure right now whether we will be able to go or not. It sure is neat to learn all about the Jewish passover and the different symbolic things throughout it.

    1. That's really interesting about your church! ;-) What denomination are you? ~Rebekah

  6. That shot of the beach and the water is gorgeous! You are certainly learning how to take good pictures Rebekah! We wen't to a Passover supper a few years ago, but haven't celebrated it ourselves. It was neat actually being able to experience it though!

    the Middle Sister and Singer

  7. Ooh, I love those pictures! I was going to try and figure out which one was my favorite, but honestly, they're all way too beautiful for me to choose just one. Some of my favorites would have to be: #16, #17, #20, # 24, #33, #34, and # 36--yeah I know, that's a pretty long list of favorites. ;)

    Yeah, we do observe passover in my family, but we have never had (at least not that I can remember) a passover dinner.
    As for the second question, I think I prefer sunrise, but it probably depends on my mood. I can't say whether or not I enjoy going to the beach, because, shockingly, I have never gone. :) Although, if I were to go it would probably have to be during the winter or early spring, since I rather despise 80+ degree weather. As for the last question, photography is hobby of mine--it's something I really enjoy!

    Hope you have a great day!

    God bless,

    1. Thanks for commenting Esther! It's funny when people tell me they've never been to a beach! Since I've lived 15 minutes away from one my entire life! ;-) I can't believe you counted out all of the pictures you liked! ;-) Thanks again for commenting! ~R.


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